Painting a room, in general, is one of the easiest tasks you can do at home. It’s tiring, but it’s not as complicated as replacing an electrical outlet or building a deck. But one of the things that you dread most when painting a room is when you have to paint edges. It doesn’t matter how careful you are when cutting in — streaks of paint always end up on the opposite side, ruining your baseboard and crown molding.

You can always use some painter’s tape, but those things are so expensive and cannot be reused. Masking your ceiling and baseboards can also take up much of your time.

The good news is you don’t have to spend a couple of hours or more masking trims and ceilings when you have a handy little tool called a paint edger. This tool allows you to apply paint directly across the edge without worrying that you might ruin your casing trim, crown molding, or baseboard. Some paint edgers look like conventional paint rollers, while others look like pads with modified handles. They are, however, a little more expensive than your ordinary paintbrushes and paint rollers.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the best paint edgers you can purchase online. We’ve also come up with a simplified buying guide, so let’s get started.

Wagner 0530000B SMART Edge Paint Roller, Paint Power Roller, Power Paint Roller, Wagner Paint Stick, Automatic Paint Roller, Auto Paint Roller, Power Roller Paint System
  • PAINT TRIMMING TOOL: The Wagner SMART Edge Roller home painting tool makes painting a room easier and more enjoyable by eliminating hours of taping and cut-ins
  • HOLDS PAINT IN THE HANDLE: The paint roller draws paint directly into the handle, eliminating the need for a roller tray. The reservoir hold up to 6 ounces of paint and covers up to 96 linear feet in one fill
  • APPLIES STRAIGHT LINES: The 3” Wagner paint roller delivers sharp and clean edges making it perfect for painting around trim, windows, and doorframes
  • CONTROLLABLE PAINT FLOW: Utilize the thumb trigger for controlled and precise paint delivery to your surface
  • EASY TO CLEAN: When you’re done, clean-up is a breeze. Simply thread the cleaning adapter directly to a garden hose or threaded faucet to flush water through the roller
Shur-Line 2006559 Edger Plus Premium Paint Edger Depth -1.875", Width - 5.75", Height-6.5" Red and Black 1 each
  • Package of 1
  • Paint Edger "Plus" model
  • Handle Attaches To Threaded Extension Poles
  • Pivots & Swivels for even control
  • Features two guide wheels
HomeRight Quick Painter C800771 Painting Edge Painter, Cutting In Edges, Painting Wall Edges for Home Interior, Paint a Room Quick and Easy
  • PAINT EDGING TOOL: Quickly and cleanly paints edges around baseboards, window trim, doors and ceilings
  • HOLD PAINT IN THE HANDLE: The durable handle holds up to 4.5 ounces of material, allowing you to paint up to 50 ft. of wall space per fill
  • EASY TO FILL: Press the trigger and draw back on the yellow handle to draw material directly into the handle from the paint can
  • CONTROL YOUR PAINT FLOW: Slowly press the trigger to feed paint directly to the paint pad. The 3” pad is made of high-quality, flocked neoprene material
  • PRECISE APPLICATION: The built-in edging guide and convex design of the applicator pad enable precision application of paint along an edge
Mr. LongArm 0470 Trim Smart Paint Edger
  • Horizontal and vertical guide wheels ensure sharp clean lines when trimming around ceilings, baseboards, windows, doors and moldings
  • Swivel handle keeps paint pad flush with wall or other surface at any angle
  • Can be used by hand or attached to any telescopic extension pole
  • Replaceable flocked foam paint pad for water base and oil base paints
  • Made in the USA
HomeRight Quick Painter Pad Edger with Flow Control C800699, Adjustable Flow Knob for Painting, Painting Tool, Painting Edger for Painting Walls,Blue, yellow and white
  • CONTROL YOUR PAINT FLOW: This QuickPainter has a flow control feature that allows you to set the flow of the paint to the pad by increasing or decreasing the flow control knob on the trigger
  • PAINT EDGING TOOL: Quickly and cleanly paints edges around baseboards, window trim, doors and ceilings
  • HOLD PAINT IN THE HANDLE: The durable handle holds up to 4.5 ounces of material, allowing you to paint up to 50 ft. of wall space per fill
  • EASY TO USE: Simply dip the tip of the QuickPainter into a can of paint, then reattach the pad assembly. Adjust the flow control knob to desired output and then gently press the trigger to apply paint
  • PRECISE APPLICATION: The built-in edging guide and convex design of the applicator pad enable precision application of paint along an edge. The 3” pad is made of high-quality, flocked neoprene material to provide even coverage
Accubrush MX Paint Edger w/o Refills
  • Paints clean crisp lines
  • No need for masking tape
  • Professional model includes brush adjuster for painting closer than ever
  • Large capacity roller edges up to eight feet between loading
  • The fastest way to edge your walls!
Paint Roller Brush - Painting Handle Tool Package, Clean-Cut Paint Edger Roller Runner pro Brush Set for Home Office Room Wall Ceilings - Multifunctional Safe Handle Flocked Edger Painting Kit (YE)
  • ♛ UPGRADE VERSION: We have upgraded all material, made paint set more durable, No drips and no spills, no mess, making paint jobs around the house so much simpler. Ensures that even painters with little or no experience can paint consistent, straight edges with no paint on the trim.
  • ♛ SAVE TIME AND MONEY: No prep time, No drop sheets, No tape masking. Just use this paint rollers pour and paint revitalize any wall or surface in just a few minutes. Save time and money, less wastage, skip the mess of traditional paint rollers.
  • ♛ EXCELLENT PAINT ROLLER BRUSH KIT: The paint runner pro for painting wall, door, floor, ceiling, roof or other large surface, the flocked edger for painting door frames, window sills or other narrow surface, the corner cutter painter for painting corners or edges.Simple and convenient!
  • ♛ NO DRIPPING DIPPING OR MESS: The convenient refill model allows you to easily pour paint into the roller, maximizing efficiency and simplicity, Doesn't splatter or drip paint.
  • ♛ PAINTING HELPER: Use the Super Fine Flocked Edger and Corner Cutter to quickly paint those tricky corners, or around switches outlets and door frames. Attach any broom stick or mop handle to extend the roller and paint a ceiling in a fraction of the usual time.

Paint Edger Design

There are two types of paint edgers: the pad-style or spreader-type paint edger and the roller-style paint edger.

Roller-style paint edgers work just like ordinary paint rollers, except that they come with a thin plastic or metal guard beside the roller head. This guard prevents the paint from smearing over to the opposite side. Some of the roller-style paint edgers come with a plastic tube where the paint is conveniently stored so you don’t have to dab repeatedly on the paint tray while you work.

Spreader-type or pad-style paint edgers are simpler and easier to use than roller-style paint edgers. These paint edgers look a lot like ordinary cleaning sponges, but they come with handles for easy paint application. To apply paint onto an edge, simply dab the pad-style edger to a tray of paint and apply it directly across the surface.

Some spreader paint edgers, such as this Shur-Line Premium Paint Edger, have a shorter handle. They are precise and easy to control, but they are not the best tools to use if you’re planning to paint the highest part of the wall. 

If you want something you can use without climbing a ladder, then choose a spreader-type paint edger with a longer handle. You can reach the highest part of the wall simply by attaching it to an extension pole.

Other spreader-type paint edgers also have a plastic tube handle. Similar to some roller-style paint edgers, paint is stored inside the hollow plastic tube, so you don’t have to keep the paint tray within reach always.

Paint Edger Buyers’ Guide

When used properly, guide wheels on spreader paint edgers can be a great way to make sure that the paint stays on the right surface and not leave streaks of paint on the opposite side. The Mr. LongArm Trim Smart Paint Edger, for example, features vertical and horizontal guide wheels that make paint application easier and faster, as well as ensures that the paint stays in place. This Accubrush MX Paint Edger also has a set of guide wheels, but its design is a little more complicated than most.

Roller-style paint edgers come with plastic and metal guards at one side of the roller head. This guard prevents the paint from streaking into your trim, window sill, crown molding, and baseboard.

Paint edgers with metal guards produce cleaner, sharper lines as they are thinner than plastic ones. You can still get nice and clean lines with plastic guards, but the edges may not be as sharp. 

An edge painting tool with a unique design might be fun, but sometimes, it’s better to go for something basic. Unique paint edgers are often more expensive, and it can be difficult to find replacement parts when they eventually break down.


So what is the best paint edger on the list? The Shur-Line 2006559 Edger Plus Premium Paint Edger is a favorite because it is easy-to-use and does what it is expected to do, but the Wagner 0530000B SMART Edge Paint Roller simply trumps it. Here are some of the things that makes this paint edger tool different from the rest.

It looks like a regular paint roller at first, but what makes it different is the high-capacity plastic tube used to store the paint you’re going to use. The tube is made of transparent plastic that allows you to see if you’re running low on paint and when it’s time to reload. With this feature, you don’t have to go back again and again to the paint tray to reload. Just fill the plastic tube with your chosen paint and you’re good to go.

The roller head is compact, and its size allows you to use it in tight spaces and even use it as a corner paint roller. It is covered with a thick and durable roller nap.

You’ve tried cutting in using an angled sash brush and painter’s tape, but the result was less than satisfactory. One helpful feature of this edge painting tool is its plastic Twist and Trim Tool. This shield protects your casing trim, crown molding, and more from streaks of paint during edge painting. 

Overall, this Wagner 0530000B SMART Edge Paint Roller is an impressive tool that will shorten the time you spend painting and make your task easier.

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