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Bathroom backsplashes stop water from ruining your wall space in the same method in which kitchen backsplashes shield wall space from cooking splatters and spills. But these hardworking finishes offer a chance to show a little style flair and play with textures, materials, patterns, and color. Look at these trendy designer strategies for bathroom backsplashes, which are as fashionable as they’re purposeful. We hope these 31 bathroom backsplash ideas will inspire you to get going with that dream bathroom renovation.


New York Shower Door

Wainscot paneling added to the top portion of the wall complements the vanity cabinetry.


Joanne Cannell Designs

Natural stone backsplash custom cut with a curve in the center for a decorative touch.


Oz Interiors

Backsplash area behind the trough sink is recessed back to allow for recessed lighting above.


The Wiese Company

White subway tile blends with the countertop below and causes the dark painted shiplap above to pop.


T.S. Adams Studio

Mirrored medicine cabinets inset into the wall trimmed with window casing creates a window look.


R|House Design Build

Unique shapes and contrasting grout color can produce just the added touch needed behind the sink.


Johnston Home Interior Design

Wallpaper added above the white wainscot wall panel coordinates with the custom color vanity.


Pink Door Designs

Liner pieces in a contrasting color form bands and visual interest to an otherwise neutral bath.


Michael Abrams Interiors

A ledge created out of marble adds additional storage space off the countertop for toiletries.


Alair Homes Decatur

Glass backsplash tile topped with a wood shelf is a nice divide for the mirror without having it framed.

Importance of Backsplash In the Bathroom

Working with a bathroom backsplash isn’t one of a house’s fundamental requirements, though it’s more of a useful design improvement that may be quickly accomplished. Generally, you probably first think of a kitchen if you think of backsplashes. The stove and sink, you are able to choose a backsplash that goes all the right way to the ceiling. You can also check inexpensive and easy kitchen backsplash ideas. And now, we are here to inform you of the reason you must also consider your bathroom design with backsplash.

A backsplash is what you will usually see behind your bathroom vanity countertop to help reduce damage to walls behind the sinks. They also offer a chance to put in a personal touch to the bathroom or powder room. Materials vary from stone to glass to tile. The choices are limitless. The backsplash is typically one thing we plan for the cooking area, often overlooking the point that the bathroom requires one too. But is a bathroom backsplash different from a kitchen backsplash? The answer is yes, and no. In many ways, the two types are extremely similar. The variations are usually associated with the overall appearance and how the backsplash interacts with most design elements. That said, let’s review some of the choices.

A well-chosen backsplash can prove to function as the component that brings together the area, the characteristic that establishes tranquility in the room, the detail which sets the proper ambiance. Your backsplash also can serve as a focal point of the bathroom. This can be accomplished in numerous different ways. Think of your bathroom backsplash as much more than simply a defensive board for the wall. It is also a decorative element, which means you could be truly creative with its layout. We hope you will be influenced by the examples we have selected and that they will assist you come up with your very own specific shower backsplash design.

How does one determine whether this particular bathroom decor idea ought to go only behind the bathroom sink or vanity, the conventional area for a bathroom backsplash, or must it extend all the way around the space? Thankfully, as these bathroom backsplash suggestions prove, there is no bad choice. Combined with beautiful tile floors, curated reflects, and clever storage solutions, modern backsplashes are able to direct the visual path of an area—and offer a small bathroom an effective measure of sophistication and style. Gather up some bathroom decor inspirations with our bathroom tile backsplash ideas, and begin generating some decisions: What material type will be greatest? Where will the backsplash extend to? What color theme must direct the look?


CM Natural Designs

A departure from the typical wainscot design and coloring produces a fun-filled, luxurious bathroom.


Fratantoni Interior Designers

An opulent vanity cabinet requires something special for the countertop, and this doesn’t disappoint.


John Cannon Homes

Tuscan inspired brick alcove with matching curved backsplash detail behind the vessel sink.


James Cleary Architecture

Contemporary take on natural materials that shapes a fresh new look.

Choosing The Right Material For Bathroom Backsplash

A tile backsplash offers a useful purpose by defending walls from splatters, though they have become a popular method to include eye-catching design to your bathroom. An ideal canvas to enjoy a trendy design, their tiny scale makes backsplashes workable for DIY projects. The limitless variety of patterns, materials, and colors offered at stores enables you to personalize your backsplash tile for your personal taste. A homeowner’s main concern when considering backsplash supplies is it must have the ability to stand as much as the elements that the area is subjected to on a regular basis. The material you pick should be moisture-resistant for your family’s safety and health.

Choosing a material that works along with your cabinetry, fixtures, paint, flooring, and appliances may seem like a tall order. Granite, marble, and quartz are very sought after stone types for bathroom spaces. A variety of options, pattern types, grain, colors, and combinations for both natural and contemporary appearance are out there for homeowners to select from, and any of them may conveniently be coupled with alternative components to finish a custom look and finish. Above all, pick a backsplash material that is stylistically versatile—one that provides you several choices, so you are able to discover the ideal backsplash design for your bathroom or kitchen. To fulfill the important demands of a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, ceramic floor tile is the natural option. No other material is able to compete with the advantages of ceramic tile.

Your backsplash tile should be antibacterial. Ceramic floor tile is inhospitable to the development of bacteria. Options can be found with antimicrobial properties that could suppress and even eliminate harmful microorganisms, like mold, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It must also be scratch resistant. Daily routine in the bathroom often calls stuff which can certainly mar an unprotected covering. Ceramic floor tile is cut-, dent-, and scratch-resistant. Your material choice should also be easy to clean. When messes do occur, wiping with water is normally all that is important to thoroughly clean your ceramic tile—zero need to make use of strong chemicals! Pick a material with versatile style options. Choose a regular style, or incorporate various designs that contrast with and also complement each other.


dSPACE Studio Ltd

Oversized niche allows mirrored medicine cabinet to sit flush with the wall, in turn, frames a ledge.


dSPACE Studio Ltd

Plate mirror behind the sink expands from floor to ceiling, which is not only is functional but dramatic.


Park and Oak Design

Board & Batten wainscot behind the vanity is the subtle accent that propels this to the next level.


Dona Rosene Interiors

Spa-like environment is achieved by carrying the Sea Pearl Quartzite countertops onto the wall.


Elms Interior Design

Marble backsplash recesses back into the wall to generate more countertop space.


Alair Homes

Wood flanks either side of the mirror and granite countertops, emphasizing the ceiling height.

Modern Patterns For Bathroom Backsplash 

Hexagons give a playful honeycomb feel to your vanity backsplash while simultaneously creating a satisfying, organized look. Improvements in manufacturing enable you to take your black backsplash to a different level and put in a textured look to the room. The pictures here depict only a few the incredible 3D tile styles out there. You might think about tiles as somewhat little objects, but gauged porcelain floor tile panels/slabs are usually big enough to create your whole backsplash.

Many homeowners consider working with a backsplash in their kitchen but do not understand the number of choices you will find for the bathroom also. It is only a question of determining your taste and how much you would like to include. You will find so many diverse backsplash materials, colors, trends, and designs to select from. It can be frustrating if you are not completely informed before you begin going shopping. This post outlines precisely what you have to learn about bathroom vanity backsplash, which means you can choose the right design for you & your house. Consider what features you are concerned about most when choosing a material. Could it be ease of cleaning, visual appeal, or durability? Below are some various bathroom sink ideas to help you considering what you might want.

Natural stacked stone & stone river rock tiles generate a natural and textured appearance in the bathroom. Ceramic floor tile is always a popular alternative with homeowners since it is cost-effective, easy, and eco-friendly to clean and keep. When you are searching for something a bit more attractive, Corian is a good surface material that seems great like tile. It is visually stunning, easy to wash, and designed to last a lifetime.



Vanity sinks don’t always need to be on a windowless wall. Here is a perfect example of why not.


DLT Interiors

This framed white tile arranged in a herringbone pattern tile produced a 3D textural effect.


Fratantoni Luxury Estates

Lavish details in the vanity cabinet are replicated in the sink, tile border, and alcove ceiling design.


Jeff Gilman Woodworking Inc.

Painted white woodwork around the medicine cabinet fashion furniture look to match the vanity.


Victor M Samuel Photography

Glass is a material often overlooked, but can be just the perfect element needed for the job.


2id Interiors

Harmonious powder room in color and materials.


Daniel Contelmo Architects

Timeless bathroom design, which combines formal built-in cabinet style in an informal space.


SoCal Contractor

Wood squares rotated different directions create a warmth associated with a Zen garden.


Artistic Designs for Living

Rustic approach was taken by adding corrugated metal behind the wall-mounted sink.


Kaegebein Fine Homebuilding

Add a little zing to any bathroom using a backlit wall to create an instant focal point.

Enhance The Appearance Of Your Bathroom 

Do not hesitate to use backsplash to add life and color back to your bathroom. Make a cheerful appearance with shades of yellow, green, or blue. In case you’re the kind that wants to create a statement, then choose something bold or even vibrant like deep red or even purple. While utilizing a red tile or dark blue may be a brave move, it will also be eye-catching and unique. By no means underestimate the importance of installing neutral mosaics or even utilizing a gray color scheme for getting a classic and clean look. Both of these suggestions are far from boring, and actually, they are going to create a trendy and calming bathroom. In case you would like a bit more flair, then consider working with various shades or adding anything for texture.

When you think you would like one thing funkier, then hunt for a distinctive style like an octagonal, an inventive mosaic, or a stylish arabesque design. Trends are not for everybody, though I will outline a couple of for the homeowners that depend on them for direction. Subway tile is a very common appearance that could be considered both trendy and popular, in several people’s opinion. You have the possibility of adding the tiles vertically or horizontally. Many homeowners are making use of the grout color to produce a contrasting look against the tile.

Geometric design, glass, patterns, stone, and wood backsplashes will also be trending this season. Several designers are actually taking tile right from the floor on the ceiling in the common bathroom area, not merely in the shower. Have a little fun with it! Setting up a bathroom backsplash is simply one cost-effective means to jazz up your bathroom. This is your opportunity to put in your own touch and a bit of style to your bathroom.

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