Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas
Featured Image: Sebring Design Build

Have you seen curbless showers on websites and in magazines and dreamed of a new barrier free shower in your outdated master bath?  Is your current shower hard to clean and even harder to get in and out of? Or, perhaps you’ve been looking at doorless showers designs.  Maybe both have been at the top of your wish list for way too long now.

This might just be the information you need to nudge in the right direction toward getting that bathroom remodel done once and for all.  A great opportunity to start enjoying your bathroom again. It’s a fact that a new walk-in shower could be just the thing for really opening up your bathroom. And, that doesn’t mean just opening it up physically, but also visually as well. A new curbless shower could be responsible for providing that dramatic facelift that you’ve been wanting and it might not even require a complete change of your entire bathroom layout.

Curbless Shower Benefits

Curbless showers have become increasingly popular. Now you just have to ask yourself if a curbless shower could be the best option for you. First, consider the advantages to having a curbless shower of your own.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

Interested in a minimalist, contemporary shower design? This modern, sleek, and clean curbless shower design is perfect for anyone with mobility issues. With its wonderful view, this shower is ideal for unwinding after a long day. Moroso Construction created this sleek modern bathroom with a white and black shower.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

There isn’t a lot of unnecessary decoration in this modern layout. To achieve the appropriate mood, any accent color might be used. The glass sink will be a hit with guests as well. Matarozzi Peisinger Builders have created a very straightforward bathroom design.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

Want a bathroom that is both fresh and contemporary? In this all-white shower layout, the tile provides a stunning focal point. Another gorgeous sink design is included. The LG Building Services team did an amazing job with this bathroom.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

This is such a rich and warm primary bathroom. It has great use of space–with the placement of the corner shower. Even though the area is used conveniently, the whole bathroom design by Marrokal Design & Remodeling still looks very expensive.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

The London bathroom is unlike any other. The freestanding tub is out of this world, and the lighting in the doorless shower is a nice touch. This open-concept bathroom was designed by Sian Baxter Lighting Design to provide maximum comfort.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

Trying to find the perfect balance between a modern and traditional bathroom design? Entering this traditional bathroom will transport you to a place of calm and serenity. This conventional bathroom layout by Sebring Design Build will make you feel like you’re in a palace.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

This five-star shower features a barrier-free entry for your convenience. This Sebring Design Build bathroom is conveniently located for future use. There’s no stopping you from taking a quick shower if you’re in a hurry. It’s very pristine for something white.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

Wow, what a sleek and sturdy modern curbless shower design. There is a lot of porcelain tile in this room. You won’t ever feel like you’re about to fall off. The designers at Xstyles Bath + More, Inc. did a fantastic job with this bathroom.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

This modern bathroom will surely be a welcome retreat after a long day. Certainly, the highlight of this lavatory is the Circulos B Black & White floor tile. The black tile wall heightens the texture and depth. John Deuchrass Architects has created another magnificent building.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

This blue tile is sure to grab your attention. It’s a one-of-a-kind highlight that perfectly complements the bathroom’s design. True to its name, this development came completely unexpectedly. What a beautifully crafted bathroom by Buck O’Neill Builders, Inc.

1. Functionality

This can affect everybody from children to grandparents. It’s a fact that health care costs keep skyrocketing right along with the general cost of living these days. That means that several generations find themselves having to live under the same roof. That’s just a growing reality for a number of American families and now more than ever, it’s so important to have bathrooms that work well for everybody in the entire family.  While a four-inch-high shower curb might be really easy for a young person to step over; could seem like a mountaintop for Grandma, so curbless showers and the elimination of that curb could be just the answer for making it an equal opportunity shower.

2. Easier to Clean

When you have to clean a small corner shower enclosure with a curb, it can be an experience that is extremely difficult and frustrating. Curbless showers use the space much more effectively–opening it up to the rest of your bathroom; which makes it much easier for reaching in and cleaning it. And, don’t forget about hand-held showerhead options. A hand-held showerhead with a hose makes cleaning even easier by reducing all of that bending down. Let’s face it, nobody likes cleaning the shower, so the easier the better.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

This condo’s ultra-modern shower will make you very amazed! When you see this pattern, it’s easy to imagine being blasted to another planet. This shower is unusual in that it is located in the middle of the bathroom rather than in the usual corner. Garrett Cord Werner Architects outdid themselves on this one.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

This curbless shower features stunning teak walls. Katie Leede & Company Studio spared no detail on this luxurious bathroom. The bathroom wall is made of wood, while the shower wall is tiled to resemble a mosaic.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

The bathroom has a distinctly beachy feel. The gorgeous, soothing blue tiling is a welcome sight and sound. This delicate blue bathroom seems like the perfect place to unwind and recharge. Content Architecture nailed it with this one.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

Though the tile is somewhat feminine in tone and texture, the rest of the design is decidedly manly. The bathroom’s owner also appears to sport a striking hair shade. The bricks have an eye-catching appearance and distinct character once installed on a wall. Kast Concrete Basins has created an attractive product.

3. Better Visibility

When you have a beautifully designed shower, a curb and/or standard style door can physically cut off your view of any intricate stone or tile accouterments. But, an open shower that is completely barrier-free can provide better sight-lines that show off your luxury shower.

Curbless Showers – Design Ideas

When choosing a shower design, it’s not “one size fits all”.   Take a look at the following curbless shower designs to get inspired and motivated to create a custom curbless shower of your own.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

This tile’s hue makes it perfect for a bathroom in a seaside home. The bathroom will have the atmosphere of a tropical beachfront resort. The intricate designs on the wall make one feel like they’re at the beach. b Architecture Studio was responsible for the design of this modern restroom.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

Do you long for a bathroom with plenty of natural light and a stunning view of the outdoors? This beautiful curbless shower has plenty of windows for taking in the outdoors. The bathroom by Ryan Street & Associates is all white and bright, thanks to natural light.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

A mosaic of little works of art, the tiles over the bath create a work in and of themselves. It’s one of a kind, and it feels costly. Sebring Design Build completed a stunningly contemporary bathroom.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

The primary bathroom is just gorgeous. Natural light abounds, and the space connects to the outside via glass pocket doors. Everything from the tilework to the fixtures in the shower is so tastefully arranged that it appears like it was plucked from a museum. Maria Barcelona Interiors, LLC created these luxurious washrooms.

Doorless Showers Designs

This type of shower design is just about as close as you can possibly get to that fabulous feeling of an outdoor shower. You may think of it extravagant, but it’s definitely not beyond reach.  Showers that are not obstructed by a standard shower door or shower curtain are not necessarily all that new but their popularity is rapidly growing all over the country. Have you ever watched TV? If you have, then you’ve probably witnessed firsthand just how popular doorless showers designs have become over the past few years. Every house-hunter on those shows is wowed when they enter the bathroom in a potential new home and see that it has a beautiful doorless shower. It’s always a really big selling point and could be for you, as well, down the road if you ever decide to put your home on the market. Everybody these days loves doorless showers designs.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

Do you want a bathroom that feels like an aquatic oasis with a hint of blue? The marine inspiration in this design is stunning. Darren Edwards Photographs caught how bright and revitalizing this bathroom design really is.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

This transitional bathroom stands out because to its flawless gray marble tiles, oak cabinets, and white walls. It’s all very lovely and revitalizing. One may even look out the window at the surroundings. David Charlez Design really nailed it with this one.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

The many different shades of green tiles will appeal to everyone who likes the color green. This bathroom design is quite comforting and homey. Studio 53 did an amazing job with this bathroom’s design, which is both minimalist and aesthetically beautiful.


Barrier Free Curbless Shower Ideas

Having a bathroom that looks and feels like you’re in a genuine castle is something that everyone will appreciate. It’s hard to find a more picturesque restroom than this one, which looks out over the lake. This luxurious bathroom was designed by the Fiorentino Group Architects and is sure to wow.

Walk-in Shower Cost

Your actual total cost of installation can vary according to some product-specific costs that include:

  1. Shower Pan vs. Full Shower Unit
  2. Shower Size
  3. Remodeling vs. New Construction
  4. Shower Material Used: Acrylic, Fiberglass, or Solid Surface
  5. Accessories

Curbless Walk-In Showers

Everyone, from grandkids to grandparents, can use it. As healthcare expenditures continue to rise and several generations living under the same roof become a more common occurrence for many American families, it’s more critical than ever to have a bathroom that can accommodate family members. A 4” tall shower curb that a teenager may easily step over can be a mountain for their granny. By removing the curb, the shower becomes an “equal opportunity” zone.

Simpler to clean than a shower enclosure: Cleaning a small corner or alcove shower enclosure may be an excruciatingly painful experience for your elbows. The removal of a curb effectively opens up the shower space to the bathroom, making it easier to reach in and clean.

Show off your stylish shower: A shower enclosure with a curb and a door block the view of complex stone, tile, or ornate wall panels. An open barrier-free shower gives sightlines into the wet area, allowing a luxury shower to be displayed.

Maximize every square inch: My friend in Italy had a curbless one-level shower in a 4′ x 6′ bathroom. There was no separate bathing area in this utilitarian area. The room only had a showerhead, vanity, and toilet fixed on the walls. While your shower doesn’t have to be as simple, it’s comforting to know that you can make better use of space by removing the barrier of an enclosure and a curbed shower base in tiny bathrooms.

Removes the cost and inconvenience of installing a shower door: Cleaning shower doors can be time-consuming, and shower doors are not inexpensive. A curbless walk-in shower eliminates the necessity (and cost) for a shower door.

They can be installed in small spaces: While a huge shower is lovely, not everyone has the space they would like. However, just because you need or want a curbless shower doesn’t mean you need the space found in a million-dollar home.

Installation of a curbless shower pan necessitates skill and attention to detail.

Otherwise, the entire shower could be a big flop, which would be terrible.

Plus, you’d be wasting a lot of time and money, so leave it to the experts!

So, hopefully, these points have helped you a bit with making your decision about a bathroom remodel for your home.  Whether you choose one of the many available doorless showers designs, a curbless shower, or both; you’re sure to get many years of comfort and enjoyment for both yourself and your family from your new and improved shower. Just like those beautiful homes on TV, your home will not just be a testament to the benefits of home improvement right now but also in the future.

Remember, you don’t have to suffer with a small outdated shower that’s hard to clean and unpleasing to take a shower in. If it’s ugly, outdated, or just plain in need of a makeover, there are plenty of great design options to choose from.

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