If you hear strains of the 80s song “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” by Clash playing in your head, then you’re in good company. The question has plagued homeowners since time began. The trouble is, no one can make that decision for homeowners. Real estate agents want the commission from selling the house. Remodel contractors want the money from remodeling it. Luckily, though, there are a few criteria by which homeowners can more easily make the decision of should you remodel or move.

Should You Remodel or Move? Sebring Services

Your Home Lasts a Lifetime

Many Baby Boomers opt to stay in their homes or to age in place. The kids are gone to college or married, so parents have the house to themselves. Sometimes aged parents or other elderly relatives need a place to stay, so they ask younger relatives before seeking senior housing. Family is just better than strangers, especially to seniors. In cases like these, homeowners might opt to modernize the kitchen and bathrooms, take out a bedroom or walk-in closet to facilitate a new bathroom, convert bedrooms for possible relatives’ visits or staying, exercise rooms, media rooms or home offices. The first question homeowners should ask themselves is if they still love the house enough to stay.

Should You Remodel or Move? Sebring Services

Is it a Safe Place to Stay for Years to Come?

A large and pertinent question that should be answered is if the neighborhood is still safe for now- approaching-senior homeowners. When the kids were younger, the neighborhood was full of their friends, little traffic and hardly any trouble. Is the neighborhood still nice? No shopping strip malls moving in down the street? No vacant buildings around which trouble could start? No one can see how a neighborhood will turn out in 20 years, but if your neighborhood has slid into mediocrity or worse, then a move would be a safe idea.

Should You Remodel or Move? Sebring Services

Many Unique Solutions For the Challenges Age Brings

Supposing homeowners wanted to look around before deciding whether to go or stay, they might check out what new construction was available. The snag to that is not every new construction has seniors in mind. Steps up into the house, to begin, could trip up an unwary senior or one with a painful hip, let’s say. Most hallways are narrow and not suitable for older people. Nor is the lighting package bright enough for older homeowners to see well. Not many new constructions feature walk-in showers or walk-in tubs. Cabinet hardware, door knobs, faucets and shower heads are not always installed with older homeowners in mind. Arthritic fingers and wrists don’t figure largely to most builders. Homeowners need to know what is in the inventory and if it will answer long-term needs. A remodel might be a better idea.

Should You Remodel or Move? Sebring Services

When It’s Time to Go, You Know It

A look at the house will help homeowners make an informed decision. Let’s say the foundation is cracked, the walls have shifted and the floors, well, we won’t mention the floors. The repairs could very well cost what the house originally cost. In another scenario, tearing out the walls and floor to remove mold and mildew and locating the cause of the moisture and plugging it might not cost what the house cost. It could cost more if the roof is leaky, the basement ditto, the windows admit more moisture and the bathrooms leak. Yeah, you might want to move.

Should You Remodel or Move? Sebring Services

The Costs of Leaving Should Be Weighed

Estimating the costs of a move is a little more accurate nowadays. The costs of turning on utilities at the new house, the moving company, possibly higher insurance, closing costs, possible increased property tax and real estate agent commissions are only a few of the costs of moving. If a move were to cost approximately $50,000, then the homeowner should look into the cost of a remodel. Chances are good the homeowner will recoup that cost at resale. In a move, those costs are just gone.

If your house has a solid foundation, the neighborhood is still safe and a few adjustments could make life safer and happier for homeowners, then please contact us for information on renovating your home. Our designers are the best at realizing your home’s potential. We work with you every step of the way with honesty, integrity and passion. Give us a call today.

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