37 Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

Featured Image: Fratantoni Interior Design You can find numerous ways to create a home that makes a statement—but have you tried searching for inspiration from above? Kitchen ceilings are frequently ignored, but function as a great blank canvas for architectural and decorative design. The kitchen area is definitely the heart of the house. It is a location where friends and family gather to re-connect & relax while savoring a meal. Make this particular spot special by including a ceiling layout that enhances your individual style and sets an inviting tone. Check out these 37 kitchen ceiling ideas and let [...]

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31 Coffered Ceiling Design Ideas

Featured Image: Masterpiece Interiors The ceiling is probably the last part of the house people look at when they are inside. However, it doesn't mean that you should put less effort into it when designing your home. Your ceiling can perhaps make the most significant impact in your house, so you should design it the way you would other parts of your home. Some people consider the ceiling as their “fifth wall,” so they extend the finishes on their walls to cover this part of their home. Ceilings just used to be utilitarian, hiding wiring, ductwork, and pipes. Now, [...]

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33 Best Tray Ceiling Ideas

Featured Image Source: Shannon Crain Are you considering to change your home's interior design? Why not get your hand on tray ceiling ideas? Surely, a redesigned ceiling can do a lot for your room's ambiance and overall feel. Tray ceiling ideas can be an excellent improvement for your home style. Besides, there are numerous tray ceiling paint ideas that you can utilize. In fact, only a couple of changes can beautify your home and make a pleasant environment. Numerous individuals who consider redesigning their homes don't give much thought to tray ceiling ideas but want to begin with the [...]

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