Best Metal Cutting Chop Saw
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Metal is tough, and there is no simple way to cut it. Plus, we have tried nearly every device possible, which includes circular saws, jig saws, torches, hack saws, band saws, cold chisels, as well as an industrial machine called a cold saw. But this particular test cemented in our mind that chop saws are the best devices for the task. These spark-throwing beasts are built to make quick work of slicing pipe, tubing, angle, and flat stock. They do not render cutting steel as quick as cutting wood, but they make it a great deal easier than any other tool. Besides, we love the smoke, sparks, and the ring of freshly cut steel hitting the workshop floor. Have a peek below at our buying guide and things to consider when shopping for the best chop saw in the market.

PORTER-CABLE Chop Saw, 15-Amp, 14-Inch (PCE700)
  • 15 Amp, 3,800 Rpm Motor With Replaceable Brushes Provides Power And Durability For The Chop Saw
  • Quick-Release Material Clamp Of The Metal Chop Saw Allows For Easy Material Cutting And Removal
  • Cutting Fence With Miter Adjustment Of The Metal Cutting Saw Allows Up To 45 Degree Angles To Be Cut
  • Spark Deflector Provides Safety And Clear Line Of Sight For Cutting
DEWALT Chop Saw, Quick-Change, 14-Inch, Old Model (D28715)
  • Powerful 15 amp/5.5 HP (maximum motor HP) motor of the chop saw provides more overload capacity, increasing performance and durability
  • QUIK-CHANGE keyless blade change system of the metal chop saw increases productivity by providing the user the ability to change wheels without a wrench
  • Exclusive QUICK-FENCE of the metal cutting saw is a 45-degree, adjustable fence designed for fast and accurate angle cuts without using a wrench
  • QUICK-LOCK vise allows for fast clamping on different size materials to increase productivity
  • Ergonomically designed -inchD-inch handle provides a more comfortable hand position, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity
Fein 232-72905361120 Slugger Metal Cutting Chop Saw44; 144;300 RPM
  • The Slugger 14 in Metal Saw is a high performance, durable solution for metal cutting.
  • Low speed high torque motor
  • High percision durable steel construction
  • Cast aluminum base
  • Quick release table/base clamp cuts 0° to 45°
Makita LC1230 12" Metal Cutting Saw, Blue
  • Carbide-tipped blade lasts 50x longer than abrasive wheels; cuts clean, accurate and virtually burr-free
  • Quick release vise for secure material retention and fast, repeated cut-offs
  • Lock-off button for user convenience
  • Quick release support fence adjusts 0-45° for miter cutting
  • Shaft lock for easy blade changes with just one wrench
MK Morse CSM9NXTB 9-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw
MK Morse 101172-MKM 050326101172, Multicolor, 14 Inches
  • Cuts faster: M.K. Morse Metal Devil cutting system cuts much faster than traditional abrasive wheels. It can cut through 6 inches x ¼ inch thick steel in approximately 12 seconds.
  • M.K. Morse Metal Devil cutting systems offer exceptional wear resistance and make more cuts than most other cutting systems.
  • The special motor maintains torque at optimum RPM's for cutting through metal smoothly and efficiently.
Bosch 3814 14-Inch Abrasive Cut-Off Machine
  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Package length:1.0"
  • Package width:1.0"
  • Package height:1.0"

What Is A Chop Saw?

A cut off saw is quite a simple machine intended for amateur and professional welders who have to cut steel accurately and quickly. It consists of a big motor that sends its torque through a set of gears on the disc or abrasive wheel. The head of the device (consisting of the handle, the motor gear assembly, and the wheel) pivots directly into the cut. The metal is kept in place by a vise included in the saw’s base.

The disc is pretty thin and similar to a grinding wheel, as it wears away as it cuts through the metal. This is the reason these saws throw such large plumes of sparks. Speaking of that, when you put the metal saw in place and create your initial test cuts, focus on that spark pattern. Many of these saws are equipped with an adjustable spark deflector which stops the sparks from flying all around the area. The deflector directs the sparks down at the rear of the device. If you discover that many sparks are bouncing back toward you, adjust the deflector to shoot the sparks the places you need them.

Shopping For The Best Chop Saw

All of the saws above have enough strength to get the job done; you can purchase any of them with trust. So our recommendation on looking for these saws in general. When your finances are restricted, the Porter-Cable will be your primary option. Then, make sure you are at ease with the layout. If you are a seasoned woodworker and possess a miter saw, you are almost certainly used to a cross handle, like the one on the Dewalt. We discover that handle configuration is comfier than the old-school straight handle on several of these saws.

Furthermore, if the saw will remain in a fixed place within the shop, portability is not much of a problem. On the other hand, when the saw goes on and off a workbench a great deal, you will have to look at whether it is not hard to move, including its weight and whether it’s a top handle that you can see on the Bosch and the Metabo. Lastly, pay attention to the vise capacity if you plan to cut wide flat stock or make deep notches. The majority of the saws have more than sufficient capacity to handle stock under ten inches—only the Metabo can accommodate wider.

Testing Out Our Chop Saw Lineup

Our first action was mounting an industrial-grade Norton Gemini Rapid Cut abrasive wheel on every saw. It is an excellent, quality wheel that gave us good control to determine other qualities and components of the saws fairly. Then, we had taken a test cut by way of a 1/8-inch-wall steel pipe and, if needed, adjust the spark deflector. And then, we made another slice with the pipe and timed it. Lastly, we chopped through more pipe, stacked metal studs, and rebar.

We evaluated some other features of these saws during the process, like how good their vises worked, the amount of vibration they produced, and the overall quality of the device generally called finish and fit.

All of the saws did very well cutting metal, but we observed some variety in ease of usage.


Overall, we are most impressed with the Dewalt D28715 with the keyless quick-change blade. It’s a quality saw at an extremely low price. Moreover, this saw is a wonderful option for someone to be used in their house for DIY projects or even in their workshop. It’s a high-quality saw and blade with sufficient power to cut through metal and other materials as required. With the appropriate use and following several of the basic guidelines and tips, the saw shall be ideal for cutting unique metals for years.

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