Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Featured Image Credit: BlueStar

So tired of stainless steel? The industrial finish has been a design mainstay of many American kitchens for the past 20 years. Want to see some exciting new kitchen appliance colors and trends?

For those of us who survived avocado green and harvest gold kitchens of 70’s, it’s no wonder neutral appliances have anchored kitchens for the past few decades. From bisque and white of the 80’s and 90’s to modern stainless steel, homeowners have been wary of new appliance colors for a long time. But after a long break from more vibrant appliance colors, trends are shifting back in that direction.

When designing a kitchen or contemplating a color palette, most people’s first thoughts go to the cabinets, countertops and backsplashes. And not without good reason, as these elements can dominate the space and will likely stay in it for many years. That’s not to say you should ignore your kitchen appliances. Colors in the most unexpected places, like a refrigerator or microwave, can have a major impact.

Of course if a red pepper range isn’t your style, don’t worry. You don’t have to delve that deep into color for your kitchen to be on trend, but you do have more options than stainless steel to consider for your kitchen appliance colors. Let’s take a look at some enviable appliances. Kitchen appliance colors highlighted in this blog just might inspire you!


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Samsung Canada 

In this kitchen, the black stainless steel appliances contrast beautifully with the transitional, crisp, white cabinetry–while blending with the gray backsplash and slate floor. It’s a traditional black and white palate with striking appliances as the focal point.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
MORE design+build

Very upscale traditional feel in the Dallas, TX kitchen.    All the white from the appliances and cabinetry is nicely grounded with the beautiful stone flooring and taupe backsplash.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Famous Tate Appliance & Bedding Centers

The clean lines of this cabinetry are a seamless complement to the modern sophistication of these on-trend appliances. Together with the simplicity of the cabinets, the black stainless steel appliances create a harmonious space that’s both sophisticated and casual.  And as a bonus–this finish is supposed to be smudge proof!


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

Can you believe this gorgeous tropical kitchen is in Canada?   The Benjamin Moore Florida Keys Blue on the custom cabinetry is so striking with the Samsung black stainless steel appliances.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Claudia Martin, ASID

Can’t go wrong with Viking appliances.  This is yet another beautiful traditional kitchen and this range is a stellar focal point.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

These Los Angeles homeowners utilized every bit of space to make this kitchen a great spot to entertain in.   Love how the fridge has matching handles and blends in nicely with the cabinetry.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Berghuis Construction LLC

In this ultra modern kitchen, white accentuates the richness of the cabinetry and brings in the brightness from the walls into the space. Here, white provides a stark, visual pop other appliances couldn’t provide. These appliances also provide a continuity in the black and white color combination of the design. Any other color, including stainless steel, would disrupt the color flow of the room.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Candelaria Design Associates

Here, white goes retro. The soft lines of these appliances relax the space and make an all white kitchen feel warm. Notice again that the floor is wood and there are wood beams on the ceiling. As with the previous kitchen, wood balances white. Without wood, white can be stark and sterile; with wood, white is warm and welcoming.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends

You can’t help but look at this range. The bright red infuses this classic kitchen with cheer and whimsy. While the gold accents tie the range in with the gold handles on the cabinets.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Kitchen Studio: Kansas City

Next stop on the kitchen color wheel: orange. The white and green cabinets provide a soft, quiet backdrop to the jovial pop of orange. It’s a calm, yet energizing space.

New Neutrals

If you like the versatility of stainless, but crave something new, check out black stainless steel appliances. Reviews are in for this color, and it’s a hit! Black stainless steel provides a richer, warmer feel than traditional stainless steel, but it’s just as sleek. To top it off, most brands are smudge proof. So you won’t have the hassle of a daily wipe down. Keep in mind, however, that not all black stainless is alike. Actual colors range from gray to almost black, so stick with the same brand to create a seamless look.

Speaking of white, many white appliances have received an update for the 21st century. Brands like Whirlpool, KitchenAid and Samsung have updated this traditional color with stainless steel accents and handles. In fact, many white appliances lend themselves to a minimalist kitchen, providing a sleek, clean look in bright whites.

If the familiar feel of all white appliances is what you’re looking for, you can certainly find it. And it doesn’t have to mean dated design either.  With its soft gray cabinets, this kitchen is on trend, but the white appliances and warm wood accents keep it cozy. The backsplash pulls in the colors from the appliances and cabinets, bringing it all together, while the wood floor and shelves balance the the otherwise cool color scape.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Kitchen + Bath Artisans

Fit for a king of cooking, this LaCornue range in French blue is the showpiece of this stately kitchen. The classic brass details pop against this royal color. The marble backsplash and white cabinets further highlight this modern craftsmanship in classical style.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath

Love the beachy vibe of this kitchen.  The retro Northstar Robins Egg Blue appliances really stand out. Plus fun and vibrant backsplash tile!


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Dallas Renovation Group

Offering a more modern take on color, this grand accent piece once again ties in all other accents, from the backsplash to the vases to decorative tin cans. Yellow adds sunshine to this sleek, modern gray kitchen, keeping the gray from being gloomy.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Siemasko + Verbridge

Beautiful bright blue BlueStar range and hood can’t help but stand out in this kitchen.

Bold Statements

For years Viking and Wolf appliances have been known for the bold color knobs on their ranges. Why not take it a step further and incorporate that color on the full range. It’s not just a stove anymore, it’s a conversation piece. While everyone may gather around the island, all their eyes will be on your show-stopping range.

Does purple pique your interest? Now you can bring your passion for purple to the kitchen. The beautiful BlueStar range in our feature picture is certainly the boldest of the bold colors. You’ll never be accused of playing it safe with this color range.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends

Love this Brilliant Blue #5007 (BlueStar) on the range and hood. The hood is so unique and has such great detail.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
QualCraft Construction Inc

Cheerful and bright beach style kitchen with a retro Big Chill Turquoise fridge that steals the show.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Knight Architects, LLC

Fun mix of colors, accessories and appliances in this kitchen.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
K.Marshall Design Inc.

Words that come to mind:  traditional, warm and functional.     The red range adds a wonderful focal point in this family-friendly kitchen.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Highland Design Gallery

What’s black, white and red all over?   This great kitchen!


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Graham Baba Architects

Cool, industrial and rustic all rolled into one.   The fridge adds a great pop of color.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Roughing It In Syle

This kitchen screams warm & cozy and the red Viking appliances just warm it up even more!  Look at the size of that fridge–plenty of room for food & refreshments.  The range is massive also–lots of room to prepare lots of stick-to-your-ribs meals.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Threshold Interiors

This barely there blue/blue-gray just whispers a hint of color in this white wonder of a kitchen. This range could ease even the most color-shy homeowners into mixing muted hues with nuanced neutrals. It makes a statement without standing out, a seemingly effortless element of this kitchen’s design.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Alison Kandler Interior Design

Here the color is a bit more saturated without being too bold, but still cheerful. The cottage white cabinets provide the neutral backdrop for this fun feature, while the red knobs accent the cabinets and complement the blue range.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Stone Acorn Builders

The pastel yellow range, oven and microwave provide a soft, sunny pop of color to this white kitchen. Their warmth, along with the wood island, offset the cool white cabinets and sage green walls. It’s just enough color for homeowners who savor subtlety.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Coppice Guild

Something you don’t see every day.  These homeowners chose plum as their appliance color.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Mina Brinkey

Love how all the furniture, accessories and appliances coordinate to make this a great beach getaway space.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Jackson Design & Remodeling

This kitchen is filled with color, thanks to its series of soft yellow appliances.  This playful, retro design offsets the plain white cabinets and definitely evokes sweet soda-shop memories.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Jackson Design & Remodeling

This cheerful kitchen is definitely worth a second look!   Plus is it making anyone else really hungry?  Everything looks so yummy!


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Wright-Ryan Homes

The seaglass green range works well with the green countertops.


Kitchen Appliances Colors: New & Exciting Trends
Modern Yankee Builders

The appliances add interest to this simple & clean retro style kitchen.

Color Considerations

When it comes to color in the kitchen, you have to love it. Really love it. If not, just leave it. You should expect to live with an appliance for a while, and you don’t want your beautiful eyeful to become an ugly eyesore within just a few weeks or months.

Let’s say you have found a color you love. In fact, you want it for every single appliance in your kitchen. You may want to check with the manufacturer that they will continue to produce each particular appliance in your chosen color. If not, you could be stuck with an appliance hodge-podge in a few years, your suite of color gone.

One way to avoid obvious appliance mismatch is to simply coordinate appliances. The most straightforward way to do this is to pick one appliance to showcase color. Generally this appliance would be the range. You can coordinate the accents on the range, let’s say stainless steel or black with stainless steel appliances. You could also match white cabinets with a white refrigerator and dishwasher, letting the range be the colorful focal point of the kitchen.

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