31 Backyard Pond Design Ideas

Featured Image: Upwall Design Nothing brightens up a backyard and provides interest quite like water features. Not only will you include a brand new and different ecosystem of plant life with the development of a garden pond, but you also invite a relaxing environment into your outdoor living area. You will find numerous pond types, sizes, and styles to select. To narrow down your search, we have curated the best 31 backyard pond design ideas to give you the inspiration you need in creating your own. ALFRESCO Ancient Surfaces Mediterranean living experience constructed [...]

41 Swimming Pool Waterfall Ideas

Featured Image: Neave Group Outdoor Solutions Pool waterfalls are now being embraced more as individuals learn that swimming pools aren't merely for recreation purposes. Additionally, they enhance the general look of the house. You will find countless variations as to how pool waterfalls are used and where they're placed in the yard. You can place your pool waterfall in a serene and quiet corner of the yard and stand out as the centerpiece of your lot. Here are 41 swimming pool waterfall ideas to inspire you even more. SERENITY Neave Group Outdoor Solutions [...]