23 Backyard Pond Design Ideas

Featured Image: Upwall Design Nothing brightens up a backyard and provides interest quite like water features. Not only will you include a brand new and different ecosystem of plant life with the development of a garden pond, but you also invite a relaxing environment into your outdoor living area. You will find numerous pond types, sizes, and styles to select. To narrow down your search, we have curated the best backyard pond design ideas to give you the inspiration you need in creating your own. ALFRESCO Want to have a backyard pond design [...]

21 Swimming Pool Waterfall Ideas

Featured Image: Neave Group Outdoor Solutions Poolside relaxation is one of the summer's greatest joys, and those who enjoy the safety and comfort of a private pool understand that every addition is an opportunity to improve the outdoor area while also increasing the value of one's property. Your swimming pool is your private haven, from lighting to landscaping, and no backyard vacation is complete without a luscious waterfall. Even Feng Shui promotes the numerous benefits of running water and how its sound may improve your health and happiness. Here are some magnificent ideas to get you started on this flowing journey...Brilliant, [...]