29 DIY Computer Desk Ideas & Plans

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Today, we bring you 29 DIY computer desk ideas that will give you inspiration on your next DIY project.

With the advancement of computer and the Web, more and more individuals spend lots of time at the keyboard. Having an appropriate computer desk is essential.

Ready-made computer desks range from simple tabletop surfaces to huge pieces of furniture that incorporate storage and shelves for computer accessories. They can be exceptionally costly if made from quality wood, having storage units, or being flexible and ergonomic. If you’re looking for a budget and quality computer desk for your home office, these 29 DIY computer desk ideas can be a great way to spare cash while building the desk that’s fit for your needs. With some carpentry skills, some pieces of wood, and old furniture you already own, you’ll be able to construct a quality computer desk to fit your requirements.


The Tiny Project

You only need a piece of wood to do this space-saving computer desk. If you have a small space in your house, this DIY computer desk is perfect for you. This amazing design idea will give you flexibility and simplicity in having your work from home.


Lowe’s Home Improvement

This is genius! If you need a space to be alone when working, this is it. You only need a few pieces of wood to make the desk and the shelves. The curtain will help you get in the zone when working or keep your area covered when not working. We also love that this DIY computer desk idea has plenty of storage space to organize your stuff.


Rossington Architecture

Turn your walk-in closet into a mini office by using one of the shelves as a desk. This can be your secret “cave” when you want to forget the world and focus on creative work. This mini office will eliminate unnecessary distractions and will help you put your essential files in one place.


Paragon Kitchens

Work hard, “drink” hard with this built-in office beside the drink station. What’s the best way to reward yourself after a hard day of work? Grabbing your favorite wine as you finish work will get you motivated to get things done more quickly.



You can turn your cabinet into a working desk just like this one. The great thing about this DIY computer desk is you can close the cabinet and make it look like a regular piece of furniture when you are not working. It is a space saver and very attractive too!


Kayron Brewer, CMKBD / Studio K B

Fun and ingenious use of the vanity area in your room! We love that this area has plenty of storage space to keep your files organized. The lamps are very stylish, and the corkboard adds a personalized touch on the overall look. The desk is perfect for bigger computers too!


Michael Robert Construction

The countertop as a computer desk? Why not! Since the kitchen also gets a significant footprint in the house, this desk area is also a perfect spot to leave important messages and reminders. It’s also helpful to have coffee breaks here. The best part is you don’t need to go far when preparing a cup.


Ellen Grasso & Sons, LLC

Turn the playroom into a creative space when your kids outgrow it. We love that this area is not just for computers. You can do artwork here or other hobbies. It’s a creative space where you can have the freedom to express yourself. Hanging around this room is also gives an excellent bonding with your family.



If you love working and getting inspiration near an open window, this one is perfect. Unlike buying a ready-made desk, this DIY computer desk idea lets you fit the wood in your desired space or area. No need to find a table that would fit in your corner.


Howden Homes

Turn any wall space into a computer desk by installing thick plywood on it. We love that this DIY computer desk is functional and straightforward. The top surface gives a lot of space and can hold your laptop, bags, and books.

In case you work from home or spend a lot of time on your computer, your work area is seemingly your most vital piece of furniture.

There are different choices when it comes to a workspace. Do you want to go for a sitting desk? How about a standing desk? Or maybe a sitting and standing with a movable desk? What kind of workstation you choose is up to you, but rather than buying one, have you thought of making your own? These DIY computer desk ideas are less complicated than you think, and might save you cash. These DIY computer desk ideas will motivate you to get imaginative with your workspace.



This loft area turned into a fun and creative family space is where everyone can hang out for work or entertainment. It’s perfect for doing research together or merely watching a movie. You can also invite your friends to come over here.



Putting bold colors in your workspace will help spark new ideas and creativity. If you have books or files, you can put it on the shelves instead of the display vases. Make it personal by choosing your colors and materials.


The Tiny Project

The desk doubles as a breaker box cover when you’re not using it. If you are short with space, this DIY wall mounted computer desk is the solution. We love everything about this DIY computer desk. It’s unique and very clever.



Make the most out of your space by turning it into a lounge and computer area. This is an excellent working space where you can take breaks, rest, and look outside. They say looking at greens every 20 minutes is good for your eyes.

Things To Consider For Your DIY Computer Desk Plans

First, you need to figure out the size. Is it going to be large? Or do you have a tiny space to fit it? How about the gadgets that you are putting in there? Is it for a DIY gaming computer desk? The size of your computer desk is the first thing you need to determine because this will help you decide what materials you will use and what accessories you will need.

Second, you need to set a budget for your DIY computer desk plans. If you have a working budget at hand, it is easier to weed out what’s manageable and what isn’t. Most people venture on DIYs to save some money. If you are one of those people, list down what you want to achieve and the possible cost for it to see if the plan is viable.

Third, you need to consider the tools and skills required to build the computer desk. The difficulty level should match your know-how and available tools at hand. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous that DIY pipe computer desk is. If you can’t properly build it, everything will go to waste.

Lastly, you have to consider the ergonomics of your DIY computer desk plans. If you want a DIY corner computer desk, make sure that it’s not hard to move around and there’s enough space for the chair and the desk. The same goes for DIY L shaped computer desk. Ensure that the length and height fit your requirements.


Apartment Apothecary

The table is best for computer works, crafts, or other hobbies. It’s also nice that you have the entire room to store your art materials, files, or books. We love that the place is well lit and has a large window where natural light goes through.



This work area features DIY projects and recycled materials. The white end table and artworks are recycled. For the board and the frames, the designer used things that she already had.


Modern Craft Construction, LLC

This is one of those closets turned into a working station. This is perfect when you need some privacy or shut down any distractions from outside. This “walk-in” computer desk has enough space to put two computers, printers, and some books.


transFORM Home

Bored of the usual long desk? Maximize your space by creating an L-shaped working area. Keep your things organized by adding drawers below and above the DIY computer desk.


Mina Brinkey

We love that this sophisticated table doesn’t feel like work at all. Look at the details on the table legs. Also, that chair looks very comfortable!


Erika Bierman Photography

If you have teens in your house, try this computer desk to accommodate them all. We love this contemporary modern DIY computer desk.



A limited space is not a hindrance in creating a beautiful computer desk. The desk perfectly fits the small corner, and the addition of the shelf above is a great idea.



Effectively turn your wall into a DIY computer desk. You might save money and space too. The addition of the corkboard on the wall is genius. You can put pictures, notes, or messages there.


Bruning Homes, Inc.

When you need to multitask, e.g., work while doing the laundry, this is perfect for you — what a great way to be productive while doing house chores.



Working on this desk while having a relaxing view is suitable for your eyes and your soul. The DIY computer desk is an extension of the cabinet and shelves. This space will help you concentrate and focus on your goals.


Veranda Estate Homes Inc.

Computer desks need not be boring with a pile of paper works. Just look at this one! It also has a built-in light source for a more efficient computer desk. That chair also seems very comfortable!


Blackfish Homes Ltd.

We love how clean and crisp this one looks! This DIY L-shaped computer desk is minimalist and elegant at the same time. The fact that you can have three or more monitors here is excellent for increased productivity too.


Lara Dutto, Laraarchitecture

We love that this corner comes with something you can hang your bags, keys, and caps. It may be a small space in the house, but it makes a big difference in both functionality and design.



This one is another closet turned into a computer desk. The idea behind this DIY computer desk is to have a functional working desk and maximize the space available.

Why A DIY Desk Is Preferred

The first advantage of a DIY computer desk is it saves you money. With just a piece of wood, you can already build your DIY computer desk. If you will buy a ready-made computer desk or have it custom made, chances are it will be expensive. Save money when you build your computer desk.

Next is, you can have something that exactly fits your space. If you have a little spare space for your work area, it is easier to install a DIY computer desk than buy a ready-made one.

Finally, there are lots of creative options when you go for DIY computer desk ideas. You can have a desk that matches your preferences and work requirements. Below are 29 DIY computer desk ideas that you can get inspiration.

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