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A breezeway connecting your home and garage gives your property an extravagant feel, providing a secured space for outdoor entertaining and relaxing. Breezeway ideas enhance traffic flow in your house and can even add a covetable architectural component to the exterior of your home. Like any home expansion, your choices are plenty when structuring a new breezeway. Not only will you need to consider your own stylish needs, but also how the appearance supplements that of your current house and garage. You can read further to check out our breezeway ideas.

You’ll likewise need to choose how structured you need it to be. A few property holders add compositional highlights to enclosed breezeway ideas, such as trellises, attractive windows, or glass ceilings. Others incline toward a structure that is progressively moderate, or one that mixes into the current theme of the home and garage to their breezeway decorating ideas.


Wright-Ryan Homes

The breezeway is an excellent addition to the original home and the new garage/guest quarters.


Summerour Architects

Beautiful breezeway that connects the home and the garage.


JLF & Associates, Inc.

The rustic interior with glass breezeway gives this house a refreshing and relaxing vibe.


Angelini and Associates Architects

From the outside, this house looks stylish with traditional patio and breezeway connecting the house and the garage.


Tim Cuppett Architects

Breezeway with large custom windows.


John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

The breezeway blends well with the wooden panels.

For the most part, homeowners pick one of three normally utilized types: a funneled, contained, or offset breezeway ideas. Contained breezeway ideas comprise of a straight, gabled roof that matches both the design and material of both joined buildings. On the other hand, funneled breezeway ideas, sit between two angled structures, and are commonly utilized more like a pergola or porch. It has a funnel-shaped area (thus the name), that opens outward toward the front porch, making it a pleasant spot to put yard furniture. Builders utilize an offset breezeway when the house and the garage do not sit opposite each other. Homeowners regularly pick a complementary style or roof color for this kind of breezeway.


Richard Leggin Architects

The remodeling won’t be complete without adding the breezeway and a garage.


Hooten Land Design, Inc.

A well-kept garden, with a grass field and flower patches, make this house look very inviting.


EJ Sheldon

From the outside, the house looks intimate and cozy.


Smith & Vansant Architects PC

The use of stones and bricks for the exterior make this house look classic and old, but wonderful.

Contained Breezeway Ideas

Contained breezeway has a gable roof that is common to both the house and the garage. This type of composition fits the clean-lined geometry of progressively contemporary and casual homes. In case both of these associated structures were living spaces, people also refer to the breezeway as a dog trot. Since this breezeway has adjoining structures of comparative dimensions, it feels basic and room-like, and it very well may be translated as both outside and inside immediately. It is a flexible space that effectively accommodates outdoor dining, visitor passage, and entertaining, along with circulation to and from the carport. In addition, it firmly outlines a view to the backyard that, contingent upon the view, can provide striking curb appeal.

Since this kind of breezeway is contained on either side, it can experience the ill effects of the absence of sunlight. Opening the breezeway roof toward the back, to such an extent that completed rafters are uncovered, can light up the breezeway. The uncovered rafters can go about as an arbor for climbing vines. Installing translucent roofing toward the back, in lieu of open rafters, is also an alternative.

The end of the house that adjoins a contained breezeway additionally can experience the effects of the absence of sunlight since windows and doors on that end are underneath the roof. Measures to light up the breezeway by means of open rafters can indirectly enhance inside access to sunlight. In spite of the fact that many may see the contained breezeway’s magnificent framed view as an advantage, some may favor a screened perspective on the backyard. You can create such a view with lattice panels underneath the back open rafters, although this additionally decreases access to light.


Polhemus Savery DaSilva

We love this brick-covered breezeway that connects the house and the garage.


Sheldon Pennoyer Architects

You definitely can’t go wrong with wood. It’s timeless, easy to build, and provides warmth to the overall look of the house.


SV Design

We love this graceful and refined Gambrel style residence.


Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

The entire house looks very elegant and provides a romantic appeal during the winter.

Funneled Breezeway

When you have your house and garage angled toward each other, the breezeway in the middle can funnel access and perspectives from a restricted entry plane to a more extensive back expanse. This kind of breezeway saves some backyard privacy by exhibiting a more tight view of passerby. Since a funneled breezeway does not share a common roof with the house and garage, you can inset its roof from the front and back appearances of the house and the carport with the end goal that windows and doors in corners of the two structures have direct access to sunlight. This breezeway is also smaller than a contained breezeway, so it doesn’t experience the absence of light.

The funneled breezeway still gets sunlight from different sides. Be that as it may, its smaller design can make it feel more like a deck that pushes to the sides. For instance, a funneled breezeway that shares the carport eave line, which may connect it more with the carport than the house, further limiting its room-like feel. To balance that, the carport entry door is on the carport corner so that you can furnish the carport end of the breezeway with seats and a little table. This implies, in any case, there will be no shelter for people going from the carport to the house at first. In case shelter is your need, then you can move the carport across the home entry door.


Collaborative Designworks

The pathway going to the breezeway is a nice addition.


Cushman Design Group

This house looks snug and comfortable with the paved ground and various plants all around the house.


Court Atkins Group

The covered breezeway is open, yet the Bahama shutters offer a sense of privacy.


Smith & Vansant Architects PC

The ranch looks nice and traditional with painted cedar, vertical shiplap siding.

Offset Breezeway

In case a garage is offset from the house, the breezeway in the middle can overlap each to such an extent that you can enter both from the breezeway. Since an offset breezeway just in part adjoins the house and the garage, it doesn’t experience the absence of sunlight. Truth be told, it gets sunlight from four sides. It additionally can have a more remarkable depth without gambling loss of sunlight to the breezeway, house, and garage. This offset breezeway shares the back roof plane of the house and subsequently may appear to be more an extension of the home than the garage.

Unlike the funneled and contained breezeways, which both greatly accommodate decks that push directly out from the front and back of the breezeway, the offset breezeway effectively suits a deck that pushes to the sides. This can be a benefit when it’s attractive to have a deck legitimately off the back of the house. The more-open edges of an offset breezeway can make it feel less room-like, however, and it risks feeling like a profound corridor. To balance a wealth of circulation space, find an outdoor table or furnishings in the back corner past the house.

The offset breezeway doesn’t do much to screen the yard from passersby, and it does not frame the view as effectively as the contained breezeway. It can, however, give a more straightforward view and more access to the main door than funneled and contained breezeways.


Moskow Linn Architects

Enjoy the quietness and peace away from the city noises with this rustic home.


Mountford Williamson Architecture

Enjoy a laid-back lifestyle with this industrial home.


Court Atkins Group

The house looks lavish with Casa Blanca exterior paint by Sherwin Williams.


Scott Christopher Homes

The breezeway looks grandiose as it gives you a peek of what’s inside the house.

How To Decorate An Enclosed Breezeway

Breezeway ideas offer a sheltered passageway between your garage and your home in a harsh climate, but it likewise can extend your home’s living space. While enhancing your breezeway, you don’t need to forfeit its unique function. Simply remember the necessary pedestrian activity stream as you use outdoor flooring, furnishings, and lighting to transform your breezeway into a family meeting place or a serene retreat.


Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction

Tuscan columns and 12-lite windows and door enhance the breezeway.


HAVEN design+building llc
Breezeway with a gorgeous garden, with several plants and flowers.


Dennis Mayer – Photographer

The breezeway with glass walls makes the interior secured while offering you a great view of the sceneries outside.


IQ Glass UK

This house looks posh and extravagant with the glass breezeway connecting the two houses.

Outdoor Dining Room

For enclosed breezeway decorating ideas, you can transform your breezeway into a cozy outdoor room for alfresco dining. Cover the floor with a huge outdoor in a conventional or graphic pattern. You can also include a rattan table and coordinating chairs. A table that can be collapsed and tucked against the walls is a space-saving choice. Add solace and shading with seat pads and table cloths. For privacy, drape long outdoor curtains on an open side of the breezeway. You can use a tile-topped console table for serving snacks or food. Also, keep an assortment of candles available for after-dusk gatherings.

Potting Shed

One of the most amazing breezeway design ideas is converting it to a potting shed. A breezeway makes a lovely, functional workspace for gardeners. You can also paint the floor for simple cleanup. Probably one of the best ways on how to furnish a breezeway storage ideas is to have a gardener’s bench that offers work and storage space. To make a seating area for taking a refreshment, paint a wooden trellis bright blue or red and prop it against the contrary wall. Put simple seats before the trellis and decorate them with botanical outdoor cushions. Hang racks and shelves in the breezeway to hold instruments. Wall-mounted lanterns offer light and appeal. Give beautiful watering cans and brilliant potted plants a chance to fill in as potting-shed decor.


Halo Interior Design

The two extensions extend into stylish gardens to each side.


Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

To control wind, the breezeway features a sliding barn door.

Other Breezeway Ideas

Trellis Structure

You can have a trellis structure to connect between your garage and house. In designing a breezeway, plant fast-developing vines or ivy to climb the shafts of the trellis and over the members of its roof. In a few years, the growth will fill in and make a secure walkway. In the event that your home and garage are very different in terms of style, a trellis is a decent decision since it is neutral.

Covered Porch

If you are wondering how to decorate an enclosed breezeway, you can build a covered porch. This is one of our favorite breezeway ideas. Assemble a basic post and beam breezeway with a covered roof, and fill in the walls to make a covered and enclosed porch. Plan it with the goal that the space is sufficiently wide to walk, yet there is room left over to put a couple of seats and a table. Introduce a ceiling fan so you will be comfortable during hotter months. Your breezeway can function two-way as a connecting sub-structure while offering outdoor space that is usable all year.

Covered Patio

We love enclosed breezeway decorating ideas! In case you don’t have the budget to introduce glass walls along your breezeway, just assemble an extensive roof to make a covered patio area. Keep your grill underneath so you can utilize it when it is raining, and position an outside dining table so you can have social gatherings, paying little heed to the climate. Hang decorative lamps underneath the breezeway, or string lighting for a romantic appeal. Pick a unique paving material like stone or brick to separate your patio zone. Different choices include putting a hot tub or patio swing underneath the breezeway roof.

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