Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
Featured Image: Pomeroy & Co, Inc.

When it concerns your kitchen cabinets, there are plenty of color alternatives you can explore. For instance, white won’t ever go out of style & black is a timeless option. However, in case you are searching for something completely different from the typical neutrals (that you will not grow tired of), this particular shade is perfect for you.

Teal kitchen cabinets have become the brand new go-to for homeowners and designers. The intense and rich blue-green hue looks gorgeous when combined with an assortment of hardware options, color palettes, along with kitchen aesthetics from contemporary to country—no one wonders it is a popular favorite.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The kitchen looks warm and inviting with the teal paint for the cabinets, white tiles for the backsplash, and gold hardware and faucet. It might easily pass for the kitchen of a lavish mansion. LMB Interiors did a fantastic job designing this space.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The shade is a beautiful marriage of gray and teal. A beautiful kitchen can be achieved by painting the walls gray, which is a safe choice if you’re wondering what color goes with teal. Sheila bridges design, inc. created a beautiful and sophisticated kitchen design.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The kitchen cabinet colors combine perfectly with the kitchen accessories. The custom-made cabinets and the open shelving provide great storage too. Cindy Aplanalp & Chairma Design Group have created a wonderfully modern kitchen.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

You can have a similar shade by getting Sherwin Williams cabinet paint in HGSW1354 Teal Endeavor. If you like the famous Tiffany color, this shade is for you. This is such a simple interior design by marcon KITCHEN + BATH STUDIO.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The kitchen cabinet paint colors extend to the window and wall frames. The beautifully patterned blinds make this kitchen unique and friendly—such a classic and simple kitchen design by Mally Skok Design.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This teal kitchen looks splendid with toned-down teal paint for the kitchen cabinets. The vintage-looking oven and the unpainted cabinet doors are a nice twist. What a vintage and cozy kitchen design by Buckminster Green LLC.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This kitchen looks both luxurious and dainty at the same time. The curves, lines, and texture the gold accents provide are on point too! The Leo Company has created a timeless and elegant kitchen design that will wow everybody who sees it.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This kitchen comprises a sleek and sophisticated modern kitchen with deep teal cabinets, white backsplash, and wood floating shelves. Thomas Davies Kitchens outdid itself with this spacious and organic-looking kitchen design!


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Stunning teal cabinets stand out against a backdrop of medium-tone wood walls and ceiling in this transitional kitchen. This kitchen design is so homey and comforting; it’s simple and classic. What a fantastic interior design by Annie Hall Interiors.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Dark teal cabinets look great with white walls, stainless steel appliances, wood floating shelves, and light wood floors. This kitchen design by Lydia Lyons Designs looks so sleek and stylish. The gloomy teal color scheme is stunning.

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets Teal

When you are like a lot of people, your cabinet takes up probably the most visible space in your kitchen. That is fantastic when they are in great shape. But in case they are not as beautiful as they can be, we will teach you how to transform your kitchen cabinets with this gorgeous shade.

 Of course, you can change your cabinetry, but that is a pricey undertaking. Like painting the wall space are able to refresh an area, painting your cabinets can make your kitchen feel completely new, bringing style and elegance back to this greatly used room.

To paint your kitchen cabinets is a budget-friendly option for style change, though it is not as simple as you may think as it takes a great deal more prepping than painting. If perhaps you think it is beyond your DIY comfort level, lots of workers will be prepared to undertake the task. Undaunted? You can definitely go for it!

Many individuals frequently get a bit anxious about picking out the best paint color, and that is the reason why we provide you with a lot of shade options and design inspirations here. Think about the elements of design in your kitchen area you like—it is not hard to coordinate cabinets with one thing you currently own.

Get plenty of samples, paying particular focus on probably the darkest color on the strip; it provides you with the very best idea of the undertones in that sequence of colors. You can evaluate what the color will truly look like alongside your appliances, flooring, and counters by priming and painting a big sample, like the interior of a cabinet door or maybe a poster board.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Bright turquoise paint for the island and sink cabinets. The white upper cabinets balance things out and avoid intimidating the room. Riegler Photography beautifully photographed this kitchen’s light and airy layout, which looks both modest and inviting.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The large teal cabinets provide massive storage and help offer this kitchen a warm and laid-back feel. Want a warm and inviting kitchen with a classic look? Choose Owl Design’s timelessly elegant kitchen layout.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The dark teal cabinets with gold hardware look stunning and elegant in this modern kitchen. The marble backsplash that extends as a wall looks gorgeous. Concept Renovations, Inc. has done an excellent job with this dark teal kitchen design.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This kitchen by Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design is sure to be a hit with any fans of pastel teal. Light pastel teal paint for the kitchen cabinets evokes warmth and a laidback feel. The gray and gold accents look wonderful too.

Why You Need To Include Teal In Your Kitchen

While teal may not be the very first color you imagine when selecting your kitchens color palette, the bold hue is a spectacular option for all those aiming to decorate outside of the box. How to make teal? What colors make teal? Teal is a deep blue-green color that produces an instant depth in virtually any area that you utilize it in, and your kitchen area is not an exception.

Teal compliments from kitchen cabinets to kitchen floors, looking particularly spectacular when combined with contrasting shades such as a crisp white, lilac, or even pale gray. Teal kitchen appliances can additionally function as the single vibrant addition in your space, creating a quick pop of color for the eye to focus on even though the remainder of your kitchen could remain neutral. Or maybe make a backsplash behind your sink or stove from teal tile, accessorizing with gold or copper hardware on either your sink or appliances.

Teal paint is able to conjure up images of the deep blue ocean, making a cool-toned kitchen, which is both comfortable and inviting. Are you searching for a color that is both peaceful and dramatic at the same time? Teal is a unique and precious gem. Look at our teal kitchen cabinet ideas and images and see for yourself!


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Not just one, but the combination of three shades of blue for this transitional kitchen! This is a great way to balance it if you want to avoid overpowering the room with a single color. Steve Smith Photography has captured this amazing design.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Vibrant teal kitchen cabinets for that cheerful and fun disposition in this modern kitchen in New York. The color also brightens up the small space of the kitchen. BarlisWedlick Architects’ creation is a delight, especially for fans of neon hues.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Want to prevent your kitchen from suddenly yelling “TEAL” from afar? Give this a try! The top kitchen cabinets are stained wood, and the island is painted turquoise. This kitchen by Gaspar’s Construction is modern-looking.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

We love the overall feel of this kitchen. It can evoke feelings of warmth, artistry, and sophistication—all at the same time. It is also a break from the common white and teal combo—such an artistic kitchen design by Naked Kitchens.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This contemporary kitchen in Milan looks stunning with deep teal cabinets, stainless steel cabinets, light wood accents, and minimalist decor. This modern kitchen by Mariana Martini is so bright and airy it’s almost refreshing.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Bright turquoise paint for this tropical kitchen in Toronto. The color looks fun and refreshing and reminds us of living on an island or near the beach. The Toronto Interior Design Group created a kitchen with a breezy island feel.

Teal For Modern & Traditional Kitchens

Is teal appropriate for both modern and traditional kitchens?

The answer is yes, as evidenced by the plethora of photographs below! They create a sleek teal cabinet that delivers flair in abundance in the modern kitchen examples. Despite its long history, teal is a relatively modern color.

Teal kitchen cabinets look great in a more traditional environment as well. In most circumstances, lighter colors, such as turquoise, are preferred. On the other hand, teal can look great in the proper context, especially with shaker cabinets.

Teal As A Component Of A Two-Tone Kitchen

Having two colors in a kitchen offers significant advantages. It avoids a “wall of color” generated by a kitchen cabinet and thus adds intrigue. It also uses color to divide regions of a kitchen to smooth the transition. It looks well with a kitchen island, whether it’s dark like navy or red or light like baby blue, turquoise, pink, or orange.

As we discovered, contrast works effectively in this situation. As a result, navy kitchen cabinets, grey kitchen cabinets, and black cabinets contrast effectively with a white kitchen and white cabinetry. As you may expect, dark teal cabinets are an excellent choice for this kitchen.

Other Ways To Incorporate Teal Into Your Kitchen

If you want to modify your kitchen cabinets from the usual white cabinets, you don’t have to spend much money. You have several possibilities for incorporating this gorgeous teal color.

One of the simplest methods is to add an accent wall to your kitchen wall. A teal wall will bring a pop of color and individuality to your kitchen.

Another possibility is to go through your backsplash. Consider a tile or subway tile backsplash to add color to your kitchen. This is a low-cost option with various colors and designs to pick from.

Consider marble or quartz countertops if you want to add a truly unique element. A teal one will offer a lot of character, but it is not inexpensive. There are a variety of kitchen counter selections available at a cheaper price point, so have a look around to see what countertop best fits your style & budget.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Cool teal shade for the kitchen cabinets in this contemporary kitchen. Combined with light gray cabinets, it makes the entire kitchen look refreshing and inviting. ЦЕНTРСВЕТ’s sleek new kitchen is the perfect place to unwind after a long day.


Teal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Teal cabinets, granite slab countertop, white subway tile backsplash, and a hardwood floor make for a gorgeous seaside kitchen. Warm and inviting is how the kitchen appears. Riverhead Building Supply certainly outdid itself with this stunning beach house kitchen.

Decorating Ideas For A Teal Kitchen

When you choose teal, you may want to go all in and maximize it. In the images here, it proves the bluish-green hue is far from intimidating. With many variations of the shades to choose from, you can use teal not only for your cabinets, but you can also use it for your kitchen accessories, dinnerware, or appliances.

For a bright and vibrant teal paint color, you can go for Benjamin Moore’s Teal Ocean. Painting your kitchen cabinet is an amazingly low lift method to freshen up your kitchen. Take note of our amazing selections and give your kitchen a teal-inspired reboot. This particular shade is very soft and subdued; it is the perfect color to attain a relatively calm aura that will keep you sane during busy weeknight cooking sessions. Similarly soothing and soft teal paint color is Behr’s Heron.

Teal kitchen cabinets, which include rich shades, are a style trend evidenced all around the web. Excessive? Two-tone kitchen cabinets are an additional trendy option. This means you can have your top cabinets in neutral colors (think soft white, light gray, or greige), and the pop of teal is saved for the lower ones.

Various Shades Of Teal 

Plain Teal – Teal color is somewhere between the spectrum of blue and green. The genuine teal generally includes tranquil blue with a dash of yellow, which will help imbue an energizing appearance to the area the color is used. The result will remind you of the deep azure ocean, and having this shade within your kitchen will help make you reminiscent of the seashore holiday you had taken not long ago.

Light Teal Blue – Light teal blue is similar to the color you would see on the whitecaps of ocean waves. When used the proper way, this particular color is able to exude a sense of positive energy and relaxation.

Steel Teal – Think about a hipster edition of the initial teal color but with a lot of gray undertones, and you will have steel teal colors. The presence of the neutral grey color makes steel teal ideal to be worn on contemporary furniture, along with other decorative components.

Teal Blue – Although this particular shade may lie on the softer end of the green-blue spectrum, it is in a position to produce a sizable influence nevertheless. The interesting component regarding the lighter shades of teal is they’re constantly capable to get attention without coming off as overwhelming. Actually, it’s believed the color impacts our ability to concentrate, as well as think clearly due to its soothing effect on the central nervous system.

Dark Teal Blue – Want to add a huge dose of luxury to the private space? Then dark teal blue will be the color for you! As you can observe, this particular color appears impressive if you pair it against golden shades in the kitchen.

Dark Teal Green – This particular color is somewhat lighter compared to dark teal blue and features a mood of its own. Despite becoming a dark shade, this particular color does not neglect to imbue a feeling of peace and serenity which the original color is acknowledged for.

Teal Kitchen Cabinets For The Win 

Teal kitchen cabinets are becoming more popular with interior designers and homeowners, fitting a number of decorative trends and styles. This deep blue-green pairs well with several materials and textures, such as metal, stone, wood, or tile. Utilizing teal on your kitchen cabinet additionally leaves you with an ample quantity of complementary color pairings, as teal matches effectively with both neutral and bright color schemes.

Pair teal kitchen cabinets with retro style devices for an eclectically vintage look, or maybe pair with a backsplash that utilizes timeless subway tiles. A white-colored farmhouse sink additionally enhances teal cabinets, as does a metal sink made out of bronze or copper. Teal is additionally a great prospect for your kitchen’s island counter, developing a sleek burst of color, while the majority of the kitchen can remain neutral.

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