23 Backyard Office Shed Ideas

Featured Image: C&R Remodeling As the pandemic makes working from home the new normal, and as individuals realize that this situation might go on for years, finding enough space and quiet to focus and get your work done has been a priority. If setting up your workplace at the kitchen dining table is not cutting it, and if you have sufficient backyard space, you should think about having a backyard office shed. These 31 backyard office shed ideas will surely inspire you to create something for yourself. TUCKED BEHIND Want a contemporary backyard [...]

21 Backyard Garden Shed Ideas

Featured Image: Southfen Residential Construction While sheds are usually used to keep your gardening paraphernalia and landscaping tools neatly hidden away, there is an entire host of various other functions these backyard spaces are able to serve. Below, explore all of the very best garden shed ideas you are able to apply alongside your fave backyard ideas with this listing of charming builds. DETACHED GARDEN SHED Everyone would concur that this is such a great backyard garden shed that looks adorable and basic. This one appears to be both adorable. The farmhouse shed [...]