You might be more concerned with the contents of your closet than its exterior, but don’t rush to dismiss the design potential of your closet. For rooms that could utilize a quick do-over, closet doors are a simple method to make an extraordinary transformation. To demonstrate, below are closet door ideas for bedrooms that you can use as a reference for your next project.

Mirrored facades, sliding and bi-fold doors, and curtains are some of unique closet door ideas that are sure to bring your space to the next level. In addition, based on the space available, you can transform your closet doors into expansions of the closet itself. You can do that with built-in racks and storage compartments, as well as overhead hanging shelves.


Heritage Luxury Builders

The cabinetry and glass inserts are custom-made to meet the owner’s requirements.


Dale Gardon Design

The interior sliding glass doors are from California Closets.


jodi foster design + planning

Simply Beautiful Kitchens made this built-in cabinetry.


California Closets

We love all the details of this room, especially the closet doors.

Moreover, getting rid of old doors and installing new closet doors is moderately simple. It requires fundamental tools and a basic plan, making the transformation of closet’s standard hinged door a snap. While sliding closet door ideas keep your storage room space open and uninhibited, extra inlaid glass, mirror, or iced framing gives further extraordinary look and feel. Explicitly, bi-folding doors are a conceivable option also, taking up less than half of the floor space of a swinging door and limiting the danger of sudden clutter fallouts. On the other hand, curtain closet door ideas and screens keep your closet partitioned without feeling wholly shut off.

Meanwhile, a closet is an extension of one’s room and not every person wishes to hide the contents of their closet. Surprisingly, an expertly chosen and actualized closet door gives style and personal appeal to a generally disconnected subchapter of a room, permitting smoother foot activity and more space to store your clothes and accessories.


A&D Home Repair and Remodeling

If you are in search of barn door closet ideas, this is a great example.


Built-Rite Closets

This beautiful custom white closet comes with shoe closet and pullout laundry baskets.


Andrew Mikhael Architect

The closet doors in this office were stock doors painted with a custom color.


Castle Construction of Santa Barbara

Barn door closet ideas? These hanging barn style doors that roll from left to right are fabulous!

Bring Life To Your Room With New Closet Door Ideas

Particularly, the most boring white panel or laminate hinged closet doors on the world can become a new focal point of the room after a trip to the craftsmanship supply store. For instance, you can have canvas stretchers with mitered corners put together to make equal squares and rectangles attach as raised boards to the doors. Next, put a row of squares on each door, with a row of long thin rectangles, repeating the pattern once again so you can glue top-to-bottom panels on the doors. Subsequently, paint doors and boards with bright colors like lime green, iris purple, or buttercup yellow. Accordingly, flat paint is modern while eggshell provides doors a minimal sheen.

In that case, probably one of the best alternative closet door ideas for bedrooms is to convert your spare bedroom into a walk-in closet with sliding closet door ideas. Ultimately, a snappy and cheap design arrangement lights up the room and brings different touches of color all through your place. Next, you can put wallpaper on your sliding closet door ideas. Pick a sedate pattern for a more classy look, or you can use florals in bright colors for a lively vibe.

On the other hand, you can also choose a wallpaper that resembles a leather material or use maps of your cities. In either case, removable wallpaper gives you a chance to change your design or theme as often as you want. Usually, the vastness of available patterns and designs will give your closet doors their needed transformation, and your entire room will benefit from it. This is also a perfect example for small closet door ideas.