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Ever stubbed your toe on a toy truck? Tripped over a doll? Scrambled to hide the explosion of toys in your family room before company comes? Or maybe you’ve resigned yourself to your bedroom while your children and their friends take over the family room. Most parents, even the most organized ones, will likely answer a resounding, “YES!” If so, maybe it’s time to consider a kid cave.

So what exactly is a kid cave? Like the man cave and she shed, a kid cave is retreat, a room that reflects everything your kids love.  Whether it’s dress-up or drawing, soccer or Star Wars, you can give your kids a dream room. Ultimately, it’s a multi-functional space where your kids can learn, grow and play.  And, as far as basement remodel ideas go, this is one that’s sure to please the whole family.

Room to Play

Why Basement Kid Caves are the New Man Cave - Sebring Services

Take note from the best man cave ideas: priority number one for any kid cave is room to play.  Depending on the age of your children, this can mean a range of things.  First, with your contractor, you’ll want to figure out the layout of the room, designate a play area and decide on its use.  It could simply be an open area, filled with your kids’ favorite toys and a table for art projects.


Of course, with this option the main challenge is how organize your children’s favorite toys. You don’t want your kids tripping over their toys, either! For the ultimate in clutter hiding, you might consider a closet.  Put the toys away and close the door. Easy! But if a closet takes up too much space or would make the basement layout awkward, you still have plenty of options. Built-in shelves are a decorative way to store your children’s most-prized figurines or Legos. Wall-mounted rods can hold super-hero suits or princess dresses, giving your kids quick access to become their favorite characters.  Storage cubbies are also an easy way to hide those tripping hazards. Your possibilities are as endless as the ways your children play.

Most importantly, be sure your storage options are kid-friendly.  Are your children particular? Can they organize their toys by groups? Or are they more likely to throw a range of toys into a larger bins?  While modular cube units look nice in catalogs or on Pinterest, they could just thwart your children from keeping the floor clear.  Think practical, not just pretty, when it comes to organization.

Of course if you want to skip toy bins altogether and take play time to the next level, you could create an indoor jungle gym, incorporating swings hanging from the ceiling, slides and the like. Talk about a killer way to beat cabin fever! For older children, take tips from the best man cave ideas: leave room for favorite game tables, like ping pong, pool, Foosball or air hockey, to name a few. Want to kick it up a notch? Indoor sports courts are the ultimate luxury for hard-core athletes.

After a heated ping pong battle or after some intense imaginary play or just after school, kids need a place to unwind, too.  A room to play must include a place to lounge.  So after you’ve designed your open play area, you’ll want to lay out the media area. While a comfy couch is key, so is media storage. If it’s within your basement remodel cost, consider built-in storage.  This custom option anchors a space, showcases treasured memorabilia or pictures, and tucks away mounds of media equipment when not in use. If custom cuts a little too deeply into your budget, modular units can give you the same customization without breaking the bank.

Room to Learn

Why Basement Kid Caves are the New Man Cave - Sebring Services

While bedrooms and kitchens tend be go-to spaces for studious future leaders, they are not always the most conducive spaces for learning.  Kitchens, the hub of most homes, can get cluttered and noisy. Or perhaps your child’s bedroom isn’t big enough for a desk. Whatever, your reason, a designated study center is sure to be one of the most parent-approved kid cave ideas.  Whether you simply want space for a desk and books or you want a built-in to house all supplies and computer components, a study center is worth considering when thinking about basement remodel ideas.

Kids not studying yet? Create a book nook or a mini library, your child’s little corner of the kid cave where he or she can get lost in an imaginary world. Again, organization is key. Do you want standing book shelves or floating wall shelves? Or would you rather steer clear of the traditional book shelf and use labeled boxes to organize your child’s library? Finally, don’t forget to make it a place where they want to go. Make it fun.  Use a tent that hangs from a ceiling to make it special.  Create comfort with floor cushions or bean bags.  Hang string lights on the wall or ceiling to create a unique atmosphere.  With an enticing book nook, you’ll raise readers for life.

Room to Grow

Depending on the age of your children and the size of your basement, you may also want to consider how kid-centered you want your space to be.  What was an open play area when your children were 4 or 5 might need to change into a study center by the time your children are 11 or 12.  Primary colors may make for a fun-loving space when you have preschoolers, but by the time they reach late elementary school, the color scheme may seem childish. Be sure to give yourself some flexibility to adapt your space to your children’s ever-evolving needs.

If you have a large age gap between children, you’ll have to balance the needs of the younger ones with the older ones.  The younger ones, with all of their toys, certainly will need more storage, while the older ones need space for themselves and friends. Together with your contractor, you can ensure that the needs of all of your children are met, and that form and function unify in the ultimate kid cave.

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Room for the Whole Family

Why Basement Kid Caves are the New Man Cave - Sebring Services

Even if your main goal is a fun space for your children, don’t forget: it’s still your house.  You may want to ensure the kid cave is a space your whole family can enjoy together—you know, just in case your kids invite you to “their cave.”  For example, ensure that the lounge area includes room enough for your whole family to watch movies or play video games.


You can help make family game night a reality by designating a place for board games in the play area. It’ll give you a chance to teach your kids classics like Monopoly, Sorry and Uno.

Whether movie-watching or gaming, kicking back should be a breeze, and if you plan your kid cave properly, it will be.

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Make it a Reality

Ready to turn some kid cave ideas into reality?  First things, first. Determine your budget for your basement remodel. Cost will determine how custom or how DIY you can go. It’s up to you to consider what you can realistically do and what you can afford.

Next determine the different uses for the space. Look to your kids for ideas here. They know what they like best and chances are their minds will be brimming over with different ways they can use a new space. And they have the best imaginations!

Then with a contractor, plan a layout for your basement. He/she will have experience to best organize the space according to the structure of your house and to make it flow for your uses.

Once you have a general idea of how the kid cave will be used, get inspiration for the details. Pinterest is a great place to start. Don’t forget to include DIY man cave ideas and general basement remodel ideas in your searches.  They can be good sources of inspiration for everything from themes and color schemes to storage solutions. And before you put those catalogs in recycling, thumb through those as well.  You never know what might get your creative juices flowing.

Finally, decide on the details.  Let your kids help out here. Go over a Pinterest board with them, if you make one. From color schemes to storage solutions to furniture, there are so many options, it can be overwhelming. Take your time here and have fun with it. Make planning the kid cave a family affair. Let the kids help you whittle your ideas down to what your whole family really likes.

Still having a hard time deciding? If you need to, use professional resources.  There are so many options, a designer/contractor can help you make sense of it all, and steer you in the right direction or in another words, a fun direction.


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