21 Best Tray Ceiling Ideas

Featured Image Source: Shannon Crain Are you considering to change your home's interior design? Why not get your hand on tray ceiling ideas? Surely, a redesigned ceiling can do a lot for your room's ambiance and overall feel. Tray ceiling ideas can be an excellent improvement for your home style. Besides, there are numerous tray ceiling paint ideas that you can utilize. In fact, only a couple of changes can beautify your home and make a pleasant environment. Numerous individuals who consider redesigning their homes don't give much thought to tray ceiling ideas but want to begin with the [...]

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23 Shiplap Tongue & Groove Ceiling Design Ideas

Featured Image: ShoreStone Custom Builders, Inc. Shiplap is a kind of wood board used for exterior and interior siding and ceilings. Historically, shiplap was utilized outside of ships, sheds, and barns to keep the elements out of the structure. The way that shiplap fits together makes it ideal for this objective since it creates a waterproof seal on the structure. The historical use of shiplap wasn't restricted to those kinds of constructions, however. It had also been used in homes to keep the structure safe and sound from the elements. If you want to know more, read on and [...]