Best Pull Down Attic Ladders
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You have been using your basement and garage to store some things at home. But with your family buying things like there’s no tomorrow, your home’s basement and garage have finally run out of space. There’s no choice but to stow some things in the attic.

But first, you need to cut an attic access hatch and buy a pull-down attic stairs. You’ve already hired someone to cut an attic access hatch for you, but you still need to shop for an attic ladder. But where to start?  

If only buying an attic ladder is as easy as buying a conventional step ladder. But it’s not, so we’re here to help you choose the right one for your home. We’ve reviewed some of the best pull-down attic ladders available right now so you can narrow down your choices and eventually choose the perfect one for your home. Check out the pros and cons of each product, and know the aspects you need to consider before buying your new attic ladder. Let’s get started!

Louisville Ladder AA2210 Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder, 375 Pound Load Capacity, 22-1/2 x 54"
  • ROUGH OPENING DIMENSIONS: 22-1/2 x 54-inches
  • CEILING HEIGHT: Fits 7-foot 8-inches to 10-foot 3-inches ceilings. Step Depth : 3.25 inches.Rail Size : 3.125 inch
  • STURDY AND SAFE: Able to hold up to 375 pounds, with reinforced, grooved steps to provide maximum traction. Heavy-duty hinges not only help the ladder unfold smoothly, but they also keep it from wobbling dangerously as you climb
  • CUSTOMIZABLE ELEGANCE: Elegant and smooth finish with adjustable spring tension; Ceiling Height Maximum (ft): 10.25
Werner WH2208 8' Wooden Attic Ladder
  • Counter-balance mechanism eliminates sag and springiness
  • Full wrap-around door hinge minimizes heat loss
  • High quality door can be painted or stained
  • Hinges butt metal to metal to maintain ladder rigidity
  • Pull string allows for easy operation
Louisville Ladder 22.5-by-54-Inch Wooden Attic Ladder, Fits 8-Foot 9-Inch to 10-Foot Ceiling Height, 250-Pound Capacity, L224P
  • Rough opening dimensions: 22.5-By-60-inches
  • Ceiling height: fits 8-foot 9-inches to 10-foot high ceilings. Rail Size - 0.75 x 3.375 inches
  • Sturdy and safe: able to hold up to 250 pounds, with reinforced, grooved steps to provide maximum traction
  • Superior stability: heavy-duty hinges not only help the ladder unfold smoothly, but they also keep it from wobbling dangerously as you climb. Wire rod under each step provides added strength
  • Quick installation: exclusive ez hang strap system makes for a quick and easy installation

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FAKRO LMS 25x47-7'2'' - 8'10'' Insulated Metal Attic Ladder
  • Easy-to-install insulated steel attic ladder for 25 x 47-inch rough openings
  • Adjustable to fit ceiling heights between 7 feet, 2 Inch and 8 feet, 10 Inch
  • Insulated wooden door frame helps to reduce energy cost (R-Value of 5.2)
  • Well balanced door opens and closes easily with no sudden movements
  • Maximum user weight of 300 pounds; backed by 2-year warranty
WERNER LADDER AA1510 AA1510B Ladder Aluminum Attic, 250 lb
  • Lightweight and easy to open and close
  • Includes assist pole
  • Installs into any opening 18 x 24 inches or larger
  • Non-marring feet
  • Ideal for hallways, closets and other tight spaces
FAKRO LST 860432 Insulated Steel Scissor Attic Ladder for 27-Inch x 31-Inch Rough Openings
  • Easy-to-install insulated steel scissor attic ladder for 27 x 31-inch rough openings
  • Adjustable to fit ceiling heights between 7 feet, 2 Inch and 9 feet, 6 Inch
  • Insulated wooden door frame helps to reduce energy cost (R-Value of 5.2)
  • S-shaped strings give ladder a modern look while also providing a handrail; well balanced door opens and closes easily
  • Maximum user weight of 300 pounds; backed by 2-year warranty

Pull-Down Attic Ladders Buying Guide


Pull-down attic ladders are commonly made of aluminum, while others are manufactured from timber or steel. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that will last for many years, then aluminum attic ladders are the best choice. They are sturdy, lightweight, and can resist rust and corrosion even when frequently exposed to humidity.

Timber is another material used as an attic ladder material. These sturdy ladders are typically cheaper than aluminum ones, but they are more vulnerable to the effects of humidity and extreme temperature than aluminum.

Galvanized or stainless steel is another material used as an attic ladder material. Like wood and aluminum, this material is prized for its durability and longevity. Steel ladders, however, are heavier than aluminum or wood ladders.

pull down attic ladder


Pull-down attic access ladders are designed to fit between your ceiling joists or trusses. You can install an attic ladder to an existing ceiling access hatch, but check if its opening fits right into the hatch so you don’t have to modify your ceiling when it’s time to install the ladder. 

But if the existing ceiling access hatch is too small, you can always enlarge it or cut a new one altogether. When cutting a new access hatch, make sure that there’s plenty of room for you and the things you’re bringing into the attic to move around. It might seem like a good idea to hide the access hatch above a narrow closet or nook in your house, but moving large boxes, paintings, or holiday decorations is going to be a pain if the ladder doesn’t have enough landing space or swing clearance below.  


Attic access ladders have different opening dimensions, and you can choose one that fits the existing attic access hatch at home or one that can accommodate the size of the items you’re going to store in the attic. 

The standard size of the opening of an attic access ladder is 22.5″ x 54″. But some manufacturers also offer ladders of different sizes, such as 25.5″ x 54″ and 30″ x 60″. But keep in mind that ladders with larger opening dimensions are a bit pricier than standard ones.

Ceiling Height

Before choosing a pull-down attic ladder, make sure to measure the distance between the area’s floor and the ceiling. The Louisville Ladder AA2210 Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder, for example, has a ceiling height of 7′ 8″ to 10′ 3″. The Z6 Metal Retractable Ladder, on the other hand, is available in different heights ranging from 4.92′ to 11.15′.

Ladder Height

Take note of the maximum weight the ladder can support before choosing one. Consider the weight of the heaviest person in your household, plus the weight of the items you’re planning to store in the attic. The Louisville Ladder Wooden Attic Ladder, for example, can support only a maximum of 250 lbs. The LWW Ladder Pull-Down Attic Ladder, on the other hand, can support up to 331 lbs.


Many attic ladders are designed to be unfolded when it’s time to use them and folded when you’re done. Some have telescoping sides, while other newer attic ladders feature a “scissor” design.

Other Features to Consider:

  • If your knees turn stiff and your palms become sweaty whenever you have to use an attic ladder, then make sure that it is equipped with handrails to make it safer.  
  • Make sure that the rungs or steps are wide enough to allow you to climb or descend the ladder safely. Look for grooves or textured steps that provide better traction with each step.

Check out this video if you’re ready to install your new pull-down access ladder. Get ready because you’re going to need some tools, such as a reciprocating saw, a tape measure, and a framing nailer (to name a few) for this task.

pull down attic ladder


Our choice for the best pull-down attic ladder is the Louisville Ladder AA2210 Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder. This particular ladder is made of durable and lightweight aluminum. Pulling it down and folding it up for storage is smooth and quiet. Because it is made of aluminum, it doesn’t weigh a ton and unfolding it is very easy. It is not prone to rust and corrosion, and unlike timber, the rungs do not warp when exposed to extremes in temperature.

It is available in two opening dimensions, allowing you to choose whichever fits your existing attic access hatch. Keep in mind that the rough opening dimensions are wider and longer than those offered by other attic ladders. If you’re planning to move and store large boxes or decorations in your attic, then this ladder is perfect for your home.

The steps are textured for better traction as you climb or descend the ladder. The feet can be adjusted for improved stability, and they are covered with rubber to prevent them from scratching your laminated or tiled floor. This is also one of the most affordable attic ladders on the list.

Photo by Jeswin Thomas from Pexels

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