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There are many benefits to having a garbage disposal unit at home. When you have one installed under your kitchen sink, the amount of trash your household adds to the landfill is significantly reduced. Clogs and leaks are also minimized, thereby reducing your need to call the plumber often. The process of getting rid of kitchen waste is also faster.

Kitchen sink garbage disposal units have been around since the late 1920s. These days as much as 50% of the kitchens in the United States are equipped with garbage disposal units. If your home doesn’t have one yet or you’re having your kitchen remodeled and you want to buy a brand new unit, then this garbage disposal review is for you. We’ve listed down some of the best garbage disposal units you can purchase online. Check out their pros and cons, too, so you can decide which one is ideal for your kitchen.

If you’re in search of an efficient solution to handle food waste while keeping your kitchen clean and odor-free, a high-quality garbage disposal is an absolute must-have. To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ve meticulously curated a list of the finest kitchen garbage disposals available on the market. After conducting extensive research and considering valuable customer feedback, here are our top recommendations:

Waste King Moen Knight A1SPC 1HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1 HP with Exclusive Silencer Technology, Stainless Steel
  • HIGH-SPEED MOTOR: The 1 HP, 2800 RPM (115v) permanent magnet motor is sound-insulated and jams less
  • STANDARD 3-BOLT MOUNT: The all-metal mounting system is compatible with most existing 3-bolt mounts including InSinkErator and Moen
  • LIFETIME PROTECTION: Lifetime Limited In-Home Warranty
  • NO ELECTRICAL EXPERTISE NEEDED: Pre-installed power cord, no electrical work required
  • DURABILITY: All stainless steel grind components extend disposal life
InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 1, Standard Series, 1/3 HP Continuous Feed, Black, Waterborne Grey Enamel
  • Rugged galvanized steel construction
  • Space-saving compact design
  • Space-saving compact design
Moen Prep Series PRO 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Compact Garbage Disposal, Power Cord Included, GXP50C
  • POWERFUL GRINDING: 2,600 RPM, ½ horsepower Vortex motor provides fast, powerful grinding of everyday food scraps and helps reduce jamming
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Compact design is lightweight for easy installation and frees up valuable space under the sink
  • SIMPLE SWAP: Fits most existing assemblies, including other brands and includes pre-installed power cord
  • SEPTIC SAFE: Safe to use with properly-sized septic tanks
  • REDUCE WASTE: Garbage disposals reduce waste sent to landfills, making them an eco-friendly option for your home
BECBAS ELEMENT 5 Garbage Disposal,3/4HP 2600 RPM Household Food Waste Disposer, With Power Cord
  • 3/4HP,2600RPM Permanent Magnet DC Motor has powerful grinding capabilities for everyday food waste and is designed to reduce jamming.
  • Stainless Steel Grinding System is corrosion proof and can grind different kinds of kitchen scaps quickly.
  • Pre-installed Power Cord, which saves money to purchase seperately and requires no electrical work.
  • Accessories include removable splash guard, stainless steel stopper, multifunctional scraper and elbow.
  • U.L. Listed, 3-Year Warranty is provided for quality assurance.
TITAN 10-US-TN-1060-3B Garbage Disposal, 1-1/4 HP - Premium, Black
  • CONTINUOUS FEED GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Continuous feed garbage disposal is designed so that food can be added into the disposal even while it is running; Most common type of disposer; Recommended to run water while the disposal is in operation
  • SILVER GUARD: The disposer is protected with Silver Guard; A powerful magnet system that helps to catch cutlery and metal objects before they enter the disposer
  • TORQUE MASTER GRINDING SYSTEM: The disposer includes the Torque Master balanced grinding system for quiet operation and a durable chamber
  • HORSEPOWER MOTOR is at 1.25 with 2800 RPM permanent magnet motor features anti-jam stainless steel impellers and comes with an attached 120V power cord
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Comes with an attached 120V power cord and easy to follow Product Guide
Emerson E202, 14, Stainless Steel
  • 1/2-Horsepower Heavy Duty Motor (Quiet Dura-Drive Induction Motor)
  • Rugged Galvanized Steel Construction (For Disposer Durability)
  • Space-Saving Compact Design
  • 26 oz grind chamber
  • 1/2-Horsepower Heavy Duty Motor (Quiet Dura-Drive Induction Motor)
GASLAND Chef GD311S Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1/3 HP Household Garbage Disposer Continuous Feed, Kitchen Food Waste Disposer with Multi-Functional Stopper, Stainless Steel Grind System
  • 【Easy to Install】Preinstalled 37.4 inch power cord saves installation steps and money over other models where cord must be purchased separately. Upgraded knob mounting system for easy installation. With detailed instructions, you can easily install and use the machine under guidance.
  • 【Compact Size & Durability】Compact size design save your kitchen space. External shell is made of high-quality ABS plastic, grind system is made of stainless steel to eliminate leakage or shock. With a bladeless design, the premium alloy tool head achieves fast and thorough grinding.
  • 【Multi-Functional Design】Gasland Chef garbage disposer can be connected to a single tank or a double tank to meet your various needs. The upgraded stopper not only can protect the object from falling into the garbage dispoal, but also can be used as food scraper to push leftover food off of plates or other dishware into the garbage disposal. Removable splash baffler avoids spattering garbage, can be disassembled and easy to clean.
  • 【Overload Protection】Gasland Chef Garbage disposal with 3600 RPM high speed motor and 30.4 oz capacity grinding room effectively deals with more food waste. The reset overload protector at the bottom protects the motor under overload and overheating conditions, prolongs the service life of the motor. Easily revert to running status by pressing the manual reset button.
  • 🎁【Excellent Customer Service】We have professional team to offer you excellent service. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us from Monday to Firday.

Kitchen Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

There are two types of kitchen garbage disposals: batch-feed and continuous feed garbage disposals. Let’s take a look at each feed type, and see which one is ideal for your home.

With batch-feed garbage disposals, you have to put a batch of food scraps into a chamber, turn the cold water on, and put a magnetic stopper in place to activate the grinder. This type of garbage disposal is ideal for homeowners who don’t want the hassle of adding an electrical switch near the sink or if it’s impossible to modify the electrical setup in your sink. The only downside is that batch-feed garbage disposals are pricier than their continuous-feed counterparts.

Now, let’s take a look at continuous-feed models. With this type of garbage disposal, you have to activate the grinder first, push the food scraps into the chamber, and run the cold water to help the garbage disposal grind the scraps. These units are often more affordable than batch-feed models.

These garbage disposals, however, need to be attached to a wall or sink-top switch and power outlet. Installation can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re new to the world of DIYing.  

best kitchen garbage disposal

Garbage Disposal Motor Size

A garbage disposal’s motor size is measured in horsepower, and it is the most crucial factor when it comes to shopping for the best garbage disposal for your home. Let’s take a look at the different motor sizes available, starting from the highest to the lowest.

  • 1 HP and Beyond

If you cook multiple times every day or you have a lot of food scraps to process, then it’s best to get a sink garbage disposal that is powered by a 1 HP motor. Built for busy kitchens, the chambers and impellers of these garbage disposals are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Their chambers are considerably larger, allowing the user to process more food scraps than is usual. 

Garbage disposals with 1 HP motors are pricier, so get ready to spend upwards of $120. They can get quite bulky, too, so make sure that there’s sufficient room under your kitchen sink before installation.

  • 3/4 HP

If your household comprises 2 to 4 people or you have a large family but you cook only occasionally during the week, then a garbage disposal with a 3/4 HP motor is ideal for your home. The unit’s chamber is large enough to process a lot of the food scraps that a mid-sized household produces. 

The chamber and the impeller are typically made of rugged stainless steel, and they operate more smoothly and quietly than their 1/2 HP and 1/3 HP counterparts. But make sure that you have a lot of space underneath your kitchen sink as these are relatively large garbage disposals. Plus, they can be a bit more expensive because of their solid steel construction and high-quality parts.  

  • 1/2 HP

Garbage disposals with 1/2 HP motors are ideal for most homes in the country. They can pulverize soft foods, fruit peels, fish bones, cooked meat, and other smaller, softer leftovers. They can also grind vegetable scraps, but make sure not to overdo them to prevent jams.

They are more affordable, and their price point makes them ideal for smaller households. But they can be noisier than 3/4 HP and 1 HP garbage disposals. If you must get a 1/2 HP garbage disposal, then it’s best to get one with stainless steel components to ensure that it will last a long time.

  • 1/3 HP

Garbage disposals with 1/3 HP are ideal for smaller households. Their components are cheaper, and this makes them the most affordable options in the market. If you’re rarely going to use the garbage disposal, then this might be the best option for you.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Garbage Disposal


Garbage disposals can be pretty loud and distracting. If you’re bothered by the noise, then check if the unit you’re planning to buy comes with noise and vibration-muffling features. These include rubber sound baffles, insulated mounting baffles, and more.

Internal components

Look for garbage disposals with impellers, grind chambers, and other internal components that are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel resists corrosion better than other types of metal, thereby prolonging the life of your garbage disposal.

Power Cord

Most sink garbage disposals already have a power cord pre-installed. All you need to do is mount the unit, plug the power cord into an outlet, and you’re good to go. 

Some units, on the other hand, do not include a power cord. If that’s the case, you can purchase a separate power cord or reuse an old but compatible power cord from an old unit. 

Ease of Installation

Look for garbage disposal with standard EZ-Mount or Quick-mount features for easier installation.

Before we reveal the best kitchen garbage disposal, check out this handy guide on which food are safe and not safe to chuck into your new garbage disposal.

best kitchen garbage disposal


Our choice for the best kitchen garbage disposal unit is the Waste King Knight A1SPC Garbage Disposal. Here are some of the features that make this particular garbage disposal stand out. 

The Waste King Knight A1SPC Garbage Disposal is the only unit in the review that is equipped with a 1 HP motor. The powerful motor delivers as much as 2800 RPM, but its smooth and quiet operation is surprising and impressive. It doesn’t jam easily thanks to its high-quality impeller blades and large grinding chamber.

The grinding chamber is made of corrosion-proof glass-filled polyester, while the impellers are made of long-lasting cast stainless steel. Its sink flange, grinding ring, and turntable are also made of stainless steel. It features an overload protector, and it is covered by Waste King’s lifetime in-home warranty.

This garbage disposal unit is ideal for larger households with frequently used kitchens. If you live alone or you’re looking for a smaller, more affordable unit, then check out the other products we have reviewed above.

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