Personalizing Your Bathroom Remodeling Project to Fit Your Style

Personalizing Your Bathroom Remodeling Project to Fit Your Style 2 Sebring Services

Bathroom Remodeling Project Ideas for Your Personal Style

Today’s bathrooms are a far cry from the bathrooms of yesteryear. Rather than being strictly utilitarian rooms, modern bathrooms encompass features to complement any personal style from classic lines to modern motifs. If you are embarking on a bathroom remodeling project, there are a variety of choices that need your attention to create the space you envision.

Many busy people find that the only privacy they enjoy during a normal day is the time they spend in the bathroom. So, there is a growing trend toward luxury when choosing remodeling options. Luxurious surroundings can enhance your private time considerably. Consider some options in the following areas:

4 Ways to Personalize Your Bathroom Sebring ServicesBathtubs

If you crave old-world comfort, you might choose a claw foot tub large enough for a good soak. There are a number of places to find such tubs, and modern convenience makes owning a claw foot tub easier than ever before with lighter weight materials and several choices regarding finished design.

If you appreciate more modern luxury, tile tubs can be built to accommodate even the most discerning client. Incorporated into the design of a tiled bathroom, this option provides abundant design choices to express your own, unique personal style. Many built-in tile tubs have whirlpool features from which to choose. With options like air jets or water jets, you can create your own spa experience right at home for the ultimate in luxury and comfort.


Stand alone showers have gained great popularity in recent years. Walk-in tiled showers provide both convenience and a canvas upon which to create beautiful mosaic designs. With virtually limitless possibilities for colors and finish, tile provides a versatile and beautiful shower which serves as a peaceful oasis for you every day. No-frame glass enclosures add to the beauty of your shower.

Steam showers are another option to consider. Widely touted as a healthy and refreshing option, steam showers can be easily located anywhere you wish in a remodeled bathroom for a sauna experience in the privacy of your own home.

Sinks and Vanities

A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to choose a new vanity style. If you have not considered a double vanity, you may find it an appealing option for comfort and style. To change the look of an existing vanity, you might choose to refinish it, or change the hardware for a more luxurious look. Commissioning a custom designed cabinet is an option which may enable you to use your floor space to best advantage. Also, with cabinetry, you can configure your drawers and shelves to match your desires exactly, which is the essence of true luxury.

Faucets also provide a wide variety of options, and can define your style clearly. Designs can span from old world elegance to modern minimalism, depending on your personal preference. Faucets and fixtures also come in a wide range of finishes, providing an extra level of personalization for your bath.


Just as you make careful lighting choices in other rooms of your home, the bathroom is no exception. Consider having a source of natural light in your bathroom to provide a more pleasing atmosphere. This can be accomplished with well-placed skylights or transom windows. Placed high above eye level, transom windows allow natural light into your bathroom without creating privacy concerns.

Additionally, you will enjoy choosing different lighting sources depending on location within your bathroom. Choosing diffuse lighting directly over mirrors and sinks is a good option to reduce shadow across your face when grooming. Other lighting choices may be more appropriate in other areas of the bathroom. Choosing stylish and whisper-quiet ventilation systems is also a consideration to create a peaceful atmosphere.

If you would like to see examples of bathroom remodels we have done, please contact us. We welcome working with you to make your bathroom the luxurious, comfortable oasis you envision.

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