The Influence of Color on Design Perception & Decorating Ideas

The Influence of Color on Design Perception & Decorating Ideas - Sebring Design Build

The perception of color in one way or another is embedded in the human genes. Therefore, it is important to understand that there are differences between the effect of color on the human subconscious and the conscious perception of colors on the basis of associations to which we are predisposed.

Color selection is a very important point to consider when creating a website. The designer must clearly understand the purpose of the site, product or interior and discard their own preferences, to choose colors that would harmoniously cause the desired state of the user/customer.

Psychological Design Theory Studies show that different colors and shades can change a person’s mood, influence their subconscious. Therefore, when creating a design, specialists necessarily take this fact into account.  In this blog, we’ve taken this information a little further and also included some great design & decorating ideas for each color category.

The Influence of Color on Design Perception & Decorating Ideas - Sebring Design Build


Yellow is well-perceived by absolutely everyone. Yellow is the color of the sun and sunlight. It is considered to be friendly, warm, and pleasant. The color of happiness in the human perception is yellow, whether we realize it or not. All life long, the whole world we see around us in the rays of the yellow sun, gives us warm feelings.  Yellow color affects the emotional sphere of a person, causes optimism, confidence in oneself.

However, too much yellow in the composition can become a bad tone, lead to a decrease in the self-esteem of the viewer. At the same time, it should be remembered that the yellow color in some cases can be associated with insolence, cowardice, and irrationality.

The Influence of Color on Design Perception & Decorating Ideas - Sebring Design Build


Red is the color of fire. It stimulates the person’s physiological needs–passion, appetite, and is a real call to action. The combination of yellow and red is considered to be the most successful for the design of everything associated with nutrition. Very actively this combination of colors is used in the design of interiors, logos, and sites of cafes and restaurants; and it is clear, red color contributes to the appearance of appetite, and yellow gives a sense of happiness.

At the same time, the red color can be perceived as a warning of danger, as a prohibition. After all, fire is not only a hearth that gives life, but in some cases, it destroys. This property of red color must be remembered and used red in the context of the entire composition so that it calls the user feelings we need, and not vice versa.

The Influence of Color on Design Perception & Decorating Ideas - Sebring Design Build


Blue is the color of the sky, the color of the sea. Blue stimulates human thinking. Remember the state when you look at the sky, or at the sea. More saturated shades of blue will stimulate the thinking of the user of your site/customer.  Less saturated will soothe and promote mental concentration. Blue colors along with red and yellow are the most favorite colors in the world. Blue colors are actively used in the development of business sites, associated with business, working with finance.

When developing a composition using blue colors in design, it should be borne in mind that blue color can be associated with coldness, indifference, lack of feelings.

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The Influence of Color on Design Perception & Decorating Ideas - Sebring Design Build


Green is the color of nature. It does not tire the eyes, it causes in the subconscious a feeling of unity with nature and accordingly, a sense of rest; restoration of strength, confidence, balance, awakens the ecological consciousness. A good color for sites of business directions related to the environment can add the appropriate notes in any compositions.

It should be borne in mind that in some cases green color can be associated with longing (remember the expression “melancholy green”). Excessive use of green color can indicate in the subconscious for a certain stagnation, lack of progress and innovation.

The Influence of Color on Design Perception & Decorating Ideas - Sebring Design Build


Violet color encourages a person to a high contemplation, meditation. It is believed that the reason for such an effect on a person is the wavelength of a violet color that resonates with the corresponding fluctuations in the human brain.  Associated with space and time. Often the violet color is associated with wealth and luxury.

At the same time, inappropriate use of purple can tell the viewer that this is not real–“cheap, that wants to seem expensive.” Excessive use of violet can cause feelings of inferiority and depression. It is often used when creating spiritual sites/goods.

The Influence of Color on Design Perception & Decorating Ideas - Sebring Design Build


Since orange is a combination of red and yellow – it evokes the corresponding feelings and associations: joy, happiness, warmth, and shelter. Physiological stimulation with a sense of completeness of life.

An interesting study was conducted by Yandex in the early 2000’s, it turned out that at that time orange sites were the most popular among users and caused them the greatest confidence. The publication of these results caused the mass production of orange sites, that at some point was clearly too much in the network. This situation has led to the fact that now most web designers tend to think ten times before creating an orange design for the site.

Negative features of orange color can be associated with indifference and the absence of serious intellectual values.

The Influence of Color on Design Perception & Decorating Ideas - Sebring Design Build


Being a shade of red, pink also affects the physiology of a person. But pink is much less capable than red in causing excitement and is more inclined to soothe. The pink color is very powerful in its effect on the psyche–points to the feminine. Associated with the continuation of the family, upbringing.

Too much pink can physically hog the spectator.

The Influence of Color on Design Perception & Decorating Ideas - Sebring Design Build

The Color Gray

Gray does not have a direct effect on the human psyche, it is neutral. At the same time, gray color is able and oppressive when used in the appropriate context. Gray color can be perceived as a lack of color and in some cases cause negative emotions.

Neutrality of this color gives wide possibilities for its use in web or interior design. The use of gray as backgrounds and substrates makes it possible to reduce the pressure on the vision apparatus when viewing the site. Look at the design of your browser, you will see that it is also gray.

Too much gray can be associated with insecurity and fear of exposure.

So which color is more suitable for your design?  Make sure to keep color psychology in mind!

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