21 Walk-In Closet Ideas That Will Make You Jealous

Featured Image: Bomberger's Store, Inc. Walk-in closets epitomize luxury. While walk-in closets are a terrific location to keep your clothing, shoes, and accessories, they may also serve as a retreat from the rest of your home (if done right). Even if you have a lot of space to work with, it's easy for your belongings to become disorganized, especially if you don't have a proper organization system in place. That's where these creative walk-in closet designs come in. Whether you like to convert a portion of your bedroom into a walk-in closet or update what you currently have, we [...]

23 Closet Office Desk Design Ideas

Featured Image: West Chin Architects All of us deserve space free from noise and bustle from the outside world so that we can focus on our work. For those working from home, such a room is a need. Nevertheless, not every house will come equipped with a spacious workplace or a predestined nook. Welcome to the ingenious society of the closet office. If you have a spare or unused closet, why don't you turn it into a practical office? Check out these closet office desk design ideas and be inspired. CORRIDOR CRANNY This [...]