6 Best Portable Air Compressors [2024 Reviews]

Featured Image: Maxtool Over the years, portable air compressors have become a fixture in many workshops, garages, and construction sites all over the country. These lightweight pieces of equipment power air tools including impact wrenches, framing nailers, random orbital sanders, staplers, paint sprayers, and many more. Portable air compressors are lightweight, compact, and affordable. They are also safer to use in hazardous environments compared to power tools powered by electricity. Air compressor engines are powered by gas, electricity, and in some cases, diesel. Power is converted into potential energy when the engine stores pressurized air into the tank. [...]

9 Best Cordless Electric Ratchet Wrenches [2024 Reviews]

Featured Image: Cordless Drill Guide Ratcheting socket wrenches are some of the frequently used tools in garages and workshops. Thanks to these wrenches, removing or tightening bolts and nuts has become easier, more efficient, and a lot safer. But ordinary ratcheting socket wrenches can also go so far. While they can do the job, tightening and loosening a single bolt or nut can take several seconds or more. You'll spend an hour or more cranking that wrench just to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts in one single major project. Thankfully, modern mechanics and DIYers don't have to [...]

7 Best Impact Drivers [2024 Reviews]

Featured Image: Home Depot Almost all DIYers and professional builders start their power tool collection with a standard drill. But as you scale up your projects, you find that there are some things that an ordinary drill can't deliver, such as driving long screws into dense materials and removing stripped screws. For these tasks, you'll need a power tool that is stronger and more robust, specifically an impact driver. It might look like a cordless drill and hammer drill's stubbier cousin, but impact drivers are in a class of their own. These power tools are engineered to drive [...]

7 Best Belt Sanders [2024 Reviews]

Featured Image: Amazon Woodworking has been your hobby for many months now, and you're on fire. You've created a nice walnut center table that now sits in your living room, as well as a simple cedar console table that your wife really loves. You're planning to take on more projects, but you're not satisfied with your old projects' finish. You've sanded them as best as you could, but you can still see and feel some imperfections on the wood that you're tempted to redo them. When choosing the best belt sander, consider factors such as the intended use, [...]

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7 Best Corded Circular Saws [2024 Reviews]

Featured Image: Hogent There are a plethora of power tools available for the modern builder. But what if, for some reason, you're only allowed to own just one power tool? Chances are you would choose the circular saw. The circular saw seems to be a very basic power tool because all it does is rip a workpiece apart and nothing else. But when it comes to sheer power, precision, and versatility, nothing comes close to the circular saw. The best circular saws can cut through anything from balsa to walnut to very dense ironwood (check out this video [...]

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