Make-Up Air Guidelines for Kitchen Exhaust Vents
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If you use your kitchen a lot at home, it’s vital to take a look at make-up air system options to keep good air flowing as smoothly as possible. However, if your kitchen exhaust vent is whining and sputtering, it might be time to install a make-up air unit. Kitchen ventilation is vital to the functionality of your unit as a whole, and without making up air for the exhaust to use, you could be left with some serious damages.

We are going to review what make-up air units do, and we’ll help you look for the signs that you may need a make-up air unit in your kitchen. There are endless benefits to explore, as well as some affordable options so you can install a kitchen ventilation unit ASAP. The longer you go with dirty and exhausted air, the more difficult it will be to enjoy your kitchen the way you should!


What is a Make-Up Air Unit?

A make-up air unit, also known as an air handler, is an HVAC device used to regulate the flow of air and exhaust in your kitchen. It is necessary to circulate clean air when you use kitchen ventilation systems. If you have a large kitchen vent fan, and you don’t have a make-up air unit installed, it may resort to pulling air from your chimney, water heater, or even your HVAC units. This can cause the air in your kitchen to become muggy and clogged, as a lack of proper air circulation will create an unpleasant environment.

Your kitchen exhaust fan is responsible for pulling air out of the kitchen, especially when you are cooking and the air gets hot. But when you draw air out, it needs a reliable source to be able to pump clean air back in. A make-up air unit can pull clean, cool air from outside and circulate it through your kitchen. Without an air unit, you might suffer from negative air pressure, bad temperature fluctuations, and a number of air quality issues.

Make-up air is essential for any home, but it is especially vital for tight homes without a lot of different ventilation or exhaust ports. Make-up air systems can be easily installed.

Make-Up Air Guidelines for Kitchen Exhaust Vents

Signs You Need a Make-Up Air System for Your Kitchen

If you are using one or multiple exhaust systems for your kitchen, there are many warning signs to look out for that might indicate the need for a make-up air unit. When you have an HVAC system installed in your house, you should expect that at least 10% of the air coming into your kitchen will be from outside sources such as the dining room or even the porch. In order to regulate the flow of air and prevent air pressure and odor issues, you can contact your local professionals about your make-up air unit options.

Following are some of the things to look out for when considering an investment in this useful – and often necessary – air circulation device.

1. Unsavory Odors

Cooking is bound to cause smells wafting throughout the kitchen. While sometimes these are good smells, it can still be unsavory to have food-like scents traveling throughout the house. Odors are difficult to get rid of, which is why it’s important to implement a filtration system that directs odors away from the rest of the home.

2. Poor Kitchen Exhaust Performance

Having problems with your air vents or HVAC units? This could be because you don’t have the proper device for filtering out air. The lack of air supply can lower air pressure, meaning that your appliances are literally starved for air. This causes them to malfunction or to just be overall slower and grungier when you’re trying to work with them.

3. Negative Air Pressure

Without a good amount of replacement air for your kitchen exhaust vents, you will start to experience a variety of symptoms in your kitchen that can lead to less-than-ideal living and breathing situations.

A negative air pressure environment is evident in the number of cross drafts and warm winds flowing through your kitchen and dining room. When it gets really bad, you may even hear sounds such as whistling or crackling as air moves around in a variety of different ways. Without positive air pressure, your appliances can cease working properly, and it will be difficult to operate in an environment that is blowing objects around with unhealthy air.

4. Lots of Grease Buildup

Do you notice a lot of grease in your kitchen after cleaning up after cooking? This is due to poor kitchen exhaust systems. The lack of quality air can cause grease and grime to build up on all of your kitchen surfaces, including your stove and countertops. You might have to spend more time cleaning up rather than enjoying the beautiful features of your kitchen. Get a makeup air unit installed ASAP and benefit from a cleaner environment!

5. Temperature Discomfort in the Kitchen

A lack of clean air can cause uncomfortable situations for many people involved. This is because there is no balance between the air going out and the air coming in. Not only does this cause problems with comfortability, but it can create unsavory temperature fluctuations as well. Overall, you may be dealing with an unhealthy situation that should be addressed so you can get your life and your kitchen back.

There are numerous other signs that you might need to install a makeup air unit in your home. If you have noticed any of the following symptoms listed above, you should act sooner rather than later in order to fix the problem. The longer you wait to install a good kitchen ventilation system, the more costly it can be for your wallet and your home.

Make-Up Air Guidelines for Kitchen Exhaust Vents

Benefits of Make-Up Air Systems

It’s clear to see how beneficial this HVAC implementation can be. When exploring your additional air circulation installation options, keep in mind the following benefits of make-up air units for kitchen exhaust vents:

1. No More Distinctive Whistles or Sounds

By eliminating that cross draft in your kitchen, you will have better peace of mind when the whistles and similar noises stop. You can enjoy the peace and comfort of your kitchen without having hot or cold air being constantly blown in your face.

2. Better HVAC Functionality

HVAC problems can be costly and inconvenient. One day your kitchen exhaust vent isn’t working well, and the next thing you know your water heater and AC unit are going kaput. By seeking make-up air system options, you can be afforded better air control and the quality of your life will improve. Plus, your other important air filtration systems won’t have to suffer for it!

3. Improve Your Air Quality

Your overall air quality will improve, both inside and outside the home. By investing in proper ventilation, you can adequately redirect the flow of air and ensure that only clean, crisp air is coming into your home. Your vents won’t struggle as hard to maintain a good temperature, and you won’t have to cough or gag when you enter the room and see a buildup of grease. It’s better for your health and your kitchen.

4. Save More on Energy Bills

Your monthly energy bills can rack up quite high if your systems aren’t functioning at their peak performance. As your vents struggle harder and harder to maintain good airflow, they are using up more electricity and natural gas. Your energy consumption may be far higher than you are even aware of, and it can cause you to be spending much more than is needed to keep your kitchen ceiling vent going. A make-up air damper can provide your systems with the fresh, cool air that it needs so that your house doesn’t struggle to get air through those pipes.

When it’s easier for your HVAC systems to run smoothly, you will be amazed at how quickly your monthly energy bill can be reduced. Even a few dollars saved here and there can make a big difference in the long run. It’s better for your health and financial well-being to maximize the efficiency of your kitchen vents and HVAC systems ASAP.

Make-Up Air Guidelines for Kitchen Exhaust Vents

Seek Options to Fulfill Your Needs

A make-up air unit for your kitchen will provide you with a variety of benefits that can improve not only the way your air filtration works but your quality of life as well. It’s integral to invest in something that will provide better stability for your kitchen as well as eliminate all of the negative symptoms you may be experiencing as a result of inadequate exhausting.

If you are in a tight home with not a lot of room for ventilation, or if you happen to have more than one exhaust unit in your kitchen, you especially need to invest in indoor or outdoor direct-fire make-up air systems. This is the most efficient way to give clean, quality air to your space without the side effect of redirecting bad air into the other parts of your home. Enjoying a clean and high-functioning kitchen is the most rewarding part of the process!