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Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the place where you feed your family and care for their well-being. Unfortunately, our kitchens aren’t always designed with us in mind. Instead, many of us are left with a kitchen that is both impractical and awkward. You should love the kitchen you spend so much time in. If you don’t, it’s time for a remodel! Here are 9 steps to remodel your kitchen.

9 Easy Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen

Step 1: Make a Plan

Sit down and really think about how you use your kitchen. What would you change to make it more functional? Do you need more storage space? How about a breakfast bar so the kids can do their homework while you make dinner?  Also, take into consideration how it will look with your changes.  The goal should be to eliminate as many steps as possible while you are cooking. During this step, you should look at the current design of your kitchen and determine how much change is needed.

9 Easy Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen

Step 2: Discover your Options


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After you determine your design, spend some time looking into the different cabinet styles, countertops, and appliances that will make your dream a reality. During this step, you will need to develop your budget and get an idea as to how much the entire project will cost. Create a priority list. What do you absolutely have to have and what are you willing to compromise in order to meet your budget.  

Bonus Tip: Check out Houzz.com for an amazing library of stunning kitchen remodeling pictures.

9 Easy Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen

Step 3: Find a Contractor

When you are ready to finally start your project, you should hire a contractor. With the help of a contractor, you will have a better chance at staying on your budget and on a timetable. There are also building codes and regulations that must be followed, which is difficult to understand on your own. Be sure that the contractor you hire is one that you can trust and feel comfortable with.  These are the people that will be in your house every single day so do your homework and research them!  Don’t be afraid to ask for references. These references should be past clients that they have worked for.  You are putting your home in their hands.  You can’t afford to make a bad decision on who you trust!

Bonus Tip: Check out one of our past articles that explained the 5 questions to ask every contractor.

9 Easy Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen

Step 4: Finalize a Design

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Once your contractor has been selected, you will be able to sit down and finalize everything you have been developing. Make sure you are honest about your needs as well as what you want your new kitchen to look like. This will help your contractor ensure that he designing the space correctly and that he is allowing an adequate amount of money for material allowances.  The closer he can get you to a realistic budget amount during this step the better! By the time you are finished with this step you should be able to see your kitchen’s final design.  At this point, you need to be sure the design is exactly what you were expecting.

Bonus Tip: Make sure your contractor utilizes computer CAD software to help you visualize your project before cabinets and countertops are ordered.  We use 2020 software which will create full-color renderings of your kitchen.

9 Easy Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen

Step 5: Choose Specific Items

Now that you have finalized your design, it’s time to begin selecting the actual cabinets, countertops, appliances, colors and finishes for your kitchen. This is one of the best places to save some money on your remodel project, but it is also a place where you can spend more money. For example, you may be able to save a significant amount of money simply by changing the door style of the cabinets. You may also spend significantly more money by upgrading your granite countertops to an exotic color.  Keep your priorities in check especially if you are budget conscious!

Bonus Tip: Always make sure your contractor supplies all materials for your project.

9 Easy Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen

Step 6: Prepare for the Big Day

Before the remodel can actually begin, you must first prepare your current kitchen. This means you will need to remove decorations from the walls, food from the pantry and dishes from the cabinets. Make sure you do a thorough job of cleaning out cabinets and moving things out that are not part of the remodel. You may even want to consider moving furniture or other things from adjacent rooms that may be affected by the kitchen remodel.

Bonus Tip: Learn more about the ways you can control dust during your remodeling project.

9 Easy Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen

Step 7: The Remodel


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Your kitchen will go through many steps throughout the remodel. The first step is demolition, where everything that needs to be removed is removed. If major construction is taking place, this will be the next step in the process. After plumbing and electrical systems are updated, the walls will be closed up and you will begin to see the kitchen take shape. Please keep in mind that no matter how well organized the project may be up front, problems will occur.  It may be something small or something big.  What’s important is how your contractor resolves them.  A good project manager will be responsive and come to you with solutions when problems arise.  You need to remember that you working with humans and humans make mistakes. From sales people to designers to vendors and craftsmen, there may be a hundred humans involved directly or indirectly with your project.  Patience is key during the process.

Bonus Tip: Make sure your contractor shares the schedule with you and has an easy way to communicate the changes during your project.  We use project management software which is an all-in-one online communication system.

9 Easy Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen

Step 8: Inspections

This is something you will want to talk to your contractor about upfront. Here at Sebring Services, we encourage our clients to allow us to pull the necessary building permits for their project.  City inspections are typically required during the rough phase of the project, (just prior to drywall when the mechanical trades are done), and at the end of the project when it is complete. In the end, this is for your safety and will ensure that all work has been completed per code and correctly.

Bonus Tip: Download our free ebook: Remodeling 101.  Read the chapter on the “Benefits of Building Permits.”

9 Easy Steps to Remodel Your Kitchen

Step 9: Go Over the Finished Kitchen

No remodel will go perfectly smooth. After the remodel has been completed, make sure you carefully review the design, appliances, and finishes. Look for defects in the material as well as appliances that don’t work properly. Review your list with your contractor so he may determine who is responsible for final adjustments. By this time, you should be able to start moving back into your kitchen and enjoying your new space!

Bonus Tip: Make sure you have your contractor spell out in the contract what the warranty is on labor.  Our warranty is 5 years, but this can range anywhere from 1 to 5 years.

Whether your kitchen is not a design you enjoy or it is difficult to move around in, you deserve a remodel to fit with your lifestyle. Follow these steps to make sure your kitchen is exactly what you want it to be. To learn more about how you can remodel your kitchen easily and efficiently, contact us today.