Best Surge Protectors
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Small voltage surges caused by power outages and power grid switching have cost you several appliances and electronic devices over the years. Replacing those appliances has been costly, and you will do everything to save your brand new ones from getting fried again. Well, the solution is very simple — and quite affordable too.

All you need to save your appliances and other electronic devices is a very handy and common device called a surge protector. A surge protector is a simple yet helpful device that can be used at home or in the workplace. It looks a lot like a power strip, but it functions differently from the latter. As the name implies, it protects appliances from small voltage spikes caused by power outages, power grid switching, and more.

But choosing a surge protector is not as easy as choosing a power strip. There are many important factors to consider, such as its joule rating, the number of outlets the surge protector has, and more. In this review, we’re going to discuss the features you should look for when choosing the right surge protector for TV and other appliances, and the new and exciting features they offer. We’re also going to talk about some of the best surge protectors you can buy online so you’ll have a head start.

APC Surge Protector with Telephone, DSL and Coaxial Protection, P11VT3, 3020 Joules, 11 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip Gray
  • 3020 joule surge protector power strip
  • 11 total power surge protector outlets with sliding safety shutters, 6 outlets are block spaced for larger adapters
  • Telephone and co axial protection against power surges along data lines
  • 8' cord with 180 degree rotation and right angle plug
  • Lifetime warranty and 100,000 dollars equipment protection policy provides peace of mind
Belkin 7-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector, 12ft Cord - Ideal for Computers, Home Theatre, Appliances, Office Equipment (2,320 Joules)
  • Item Package Dimension: 14.69L x 5.49W x 2.49H inches
  • Item Package Weight - 2.10 Pounds
  • Item Package Quantity - 1
  • Product Type - POWER STRIP
Tripp Lite 8 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, Extra Long Cord 25ft, Right-Angle Plug, Lifetime Limited Warranty & Dollar 75K Insurance (TLP825) , White
  • Protect any electronic device from power surges & spikes: White surge protector with six outlets protects your PC, personal computer, laptop, printer, scanner, router, phone, fax, modem, television, lamp or any other Home/office electronics from dangerous Power surges, spikes & line noise
  • Surge protector with extra long power cord with right angle plug: This surge suppressor provides 8 total NEMA 5 15R outlets Including 3 designed for bulky transformers. The extra long 25 foot AC power cord acts like an extension cord to give you the flexibility to reach distant outlets, while its right angle NEMA 5 15P flat plug allows furniture and equipment to be moved flush against the wall to save space in your workstation
  • Safety first high joule rating conforms To UL 1449 safety standards: Automatic shutoff cuts power to all outlets when the protection circuit has been compromised. Diagnostic LEDs confirm grounding and protection status at a glance. 1440 joules mean maximum protection for your equipment. Conforms to current UL 1449 3rd Edition safety standards
  • Convenient options for placement in any environment: 25 feet AC power cord with NEMA 5 15P plug provides to ability to reach distant outlets. Surge protector wall mount ability with keyhole slots on bottom panel provides convenient mounting options for wall or desk
  • Lifetime warranty, dollar 75,000 insurance: Lifetime limited warranty and dollar 75,000 ultimate lifetime Insurance covers any connected equipment damaged by a power surge
BESTEK Power Strip Tower with Wireless Charger & PD20W USB C, 8-Outlet and 3 USB Charging Ports 2100 Joules Surge Protector, 5 Feet Extension Cord, ETL Listed
  • 12-in-1 Power Strip Tower: 8 outlets extender with 2 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C PD 20W port & 1 wireless charger to make full use of this power strip, charge multiple devices at once.
  • USB Power Strip with Wireless Charger: built-in wireless charger(5V/2A) on the top of the power strip, compatible with all devices which apply with Qi standard.
  • USB C Fast Charge: Our USB-C charging port supports PD3.0, maximum output is 20W and features fast charge with output: 5V/3A or 9V/2.22A or 12V/1.67A; each USB A port features 2.4A Max output. Built in smart technology, detecting charging devices and deliver optimal charging speed automatically, compatible with most type c devices.
  • Space Saving Design: Desktop tower design is ideal for charging multiple devices at home/office/school (only 5.7 inches tall), 3 widely spaced outlets on different directions & 45 degree flat plug won't to take up any space.
  • Exclusive vertical desktop design, BESTEK USB power strip is a space saver and ideal for charging multiple devices at home/office/school. Only 5.7 inches tall
Woods 41616 Surge Protector With Resettable Safety Overload Feature 7 Outlets And 4 Ft Cord For 1780J Of Protection, 4 Foot, Black
  • Power surge protector with circuit breaker switch: when the power strip surge protector detects a Voltage spike, the circuit breaker switch inside limits excess current to your electrical devices
  • Rugged power strip surge protector with EMI/RFI filters: the outlet surge protector is made of impact-resistant, flame-retardant material; with EMI/RFI noise filters
  • Surge protector power strip with safety features: this heavy duty surge protector has special phone/modem protection; safety covers shield the sockets from dust and dirt
  • Convenient portable surge protector: this electrical outlet surge protector expands a single wall outlet into 7 for your various power needs, so you don’t have to go searching for free outlets
  • Appliance surge protector specifications: $150, 000 connected equipment warranty; 7 outlets; 1780J of protection; inclusive of 4 ft cord; black housing
Umirro PowerCastle 8-Outlet Desktop Power Strip/Surge Protector with 4 USB Charging Ports, 4.8A
  • The Umirro Power Center combines art and science in an elegant and original design. Energy Star certified.
  • 12 Outlets with a small footprint. Easy access to 8 side-access AC outlets, handiness of 4 USB ports (4.8A in total, Max 2.4A per port ).
  • 1080 Joule energy rating provides superior power protection for all your sensitive mobile devices and delivers peace of mind.
  • 15A resettable circuit breaker prevents dangerous overloads; protected / grounded indicator lets you know at a glance that your electronics are protected.
  • 14 AWG, 6-foot power cord with 45-degree angle flat plug.
GE 6-Outlet Surge Protector, 6 Ft Extension Cord, Power Strip, 800 Joules, Flat Plug, Twist-to-Close Safety Covers, Protected Indicator Light, UL Listed, Black, 33661
  • Expand your power – 6 grounded and protected 3-prong outlets provide power from a distance – perfect for creating a centralized hub for your electronics at your home, office, workshop or garage.
  • Versatile Cord – 6ft. power cord housed in a durable PVC insulation and jacket with a space-saving flat plug to allow unit to fit closely to the wall. This surge protector extension cord is strong enough to last a lifetime and pliable enough to easily fully extend.
  • Protection – 800 Joules protection rating safeguards your electronics from harmful voltage spikes. Integrated circuit breaker cuts power to your surge protector should it experience overvoltage or overheating.
  • Functionality – Twist-to-close safety outlets ensure that dust and foreign objects are kept out of unused outlets. Integrated keyhole slots make this unit easy to mount to a desk, table or counter.
  • Trusted Brand – GE is the #1 Brand in surge protection and extension cords

Power Strips vs Surge Protectors

There are a lot of external similarities between power strips and surge protectors, but they function quite differently. Let’s take a look at their similarities and differences to understand whether you need a power strip or a surge protector.

A power strip is a simple device that you use if you want to use additional AC outlets or if you’re working in an area where the wall outlet is too far away. Many power strips have circuit breakers, but you can’t rely on them if you want to protect your appliances or devices from voltage spikes.

If you want to protect your device or appliance from voltage spikes, then what you’re looking for is a surge protector. Also known as surge suppressors and spike suppressors, these devices prevent your appliances from getting fried because of a series of power surges caused by power grid switching. Power plant maintenance, power outages, and the usual on and off cycles of ACs and refrigerators can also trigger a power surge and can damage your appliance. But keep in mind that simple surge protectors are not designed to protect your devices from voltage spikes caused by lightning strikes. 

best surge protectors power

Many surge protectors use metal oxide varistors or MOVs to protect your device from power surges. Others use a type of thyristor surge protection device or a transient voltage suppression diode. Some manufacturers use a combination of these suppressor devices to protect your appliances from power surges. Keep in mind, however, that MOVs and other suppression devices can degrade after a particularly large or a series of voltage spikes, so it’s best to check if they are still intact or if they need to be replaced. 


One of the first things you need to consider when choosing the best surge protector is its joule rating. This is an indicator of the amount of energy the device can hold before it finally degrades after a voltage spike. 

The rule of thumb when choosing the safest surge protector is the higher the joule rating, the better it can handle a voltage spike. Moreover, higher-end appliances and devices need a surge protector with a high joule rating.

A surge protector with a 500 to 1,000-joule rating is enough for small electronic devices. You will need at least 1,000 to 2,000 joules if you’re using routers, printers, impact drivers, circular saws, oscillating multi-tools, and other power tools. Entertainment systems and desktops where you store important info will benefit from surge protectors with a 2,000-joule rating and above.

Number of Outlets

When it comes to the number of AC outlets on a surge protector, the cardinal rule is to get one with plenty of space for your current and future devices. You might not have a lot of home or office appliances now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t purchase additional ones in the future.

Look for a surge protector where the outlets are evenly spaced. Make sure there’s plenty of space for bigger plugs, and there’s no crowding when you attach multiple plugs.

USB Charging Ports

Newer and pricier surge protectors come with USB ports for charging your cell phone and other mobile devices. This feature is handy especially if you frequently lose or damage your phone charger. For faster charging, look for a surge protector with a higher amp rating (at least 2 amps). 

Phone and Modem Protection

Communication lines can also be a conduit for power surges. To protect communication lines from damage caused by a power surge, look for a surge suppressor that can protect your telephone and cable lines.

best surge protectors power

Surge Protectors Safety Tips

  • Never use surge protectors or power strips as a substitute for additional permanent wiring. If your problem at home is a shortage of electrical outlets, then always opt for additional wiring rather than gambling your property and safety on a surge protector or power strip.
  • For your safety, always choose a surge protector that has an internal circuit breaker.
  • Choose a device that is ETL or UL approved.
  • Do not use a surge protector in a moist environment.
  • Use the keyhole at the back of the unit to mount the surge protector on a desk, shelf, console, or TV stand. Do not use adhesives, push pins, or staples to mount the device.
  • Do not plug another surge protector to a single duplex electrical outlet if you have plugged another surge protector to it.
  • Place the surge protector in a well-ventilated area. Do not cover it with a rug, carpet, or any furniture while in use.
  • Unplug the surge protector if it is not in use.
  • Medical equipment should never be plugged into a surge protector unless this is approved by the manufacturer.
  • Surge protectors inevitably degrade over time. Check your surge protector regularly for damage, and replace damaged ones immediately.


Each surge protector on the list has its own strengths, as well as weak points. But, of course, there can only be one, and that is the APC P11VT3 Surge Protector. Let’s take a look at why this is the best surge protector on the list.

The APC P11VT3 Surge Protector is one of the oldest products on the list, and it is certainly one of the most reliable with its 3,020-joule rating. You’ll have plenty of space for your computer, printer, router, and other home office equipment with this surge protector. You can also use it to consolidate your entertainment system. Though the unit overall is compact, the outlets have plenty of space between to prevent plugs from touching each other. You don’t need to sacrifice one equipment and unplug it just to make sure that all the important ones are plugged in thanks to its strategically positioned outlets.

The unit has LED lights that indicate that the surge protection is working. It also comes with an indicator light for system overload and building wiring fault.

This is the ideal office surge protector. Apart from the AC outlets, you’ll also get a telephone and DSL protection. One thing that it lacks, however, is the USB charging port that has become essential for the modern office. It might not be the most innovative, but its reliability, its 3,020-joule rating, and its multiple outlets more than make up for it.