29 Unfinished Basement Design Ideas

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Most design inspirations that present unfinished basement ideas are seldom hard to follow through because of the external conditions involved in the basement. Planning for a remodeling project of your basement will somehow make you face issues like the existing pipes in the ceiling, moisture on walls, and even mold on hidden areas. You might even find yourself giving up while in the middle of doing the project because of other issues that will arise. In the event that you have a hard time finishing up the whole plan, stopping midway and creating the most of what you have done so far will be the starting point for the intentional unfinished basement interior.

To help you decide on what to do with your basement, we will be listing down a few unfinished basement ideas on a budget that will help you decide on how to improve your design plan. That dreary feeling that you are trying to get rid of in your basement is also the reason why unfinished basement interiors are becoming a trend. This type of design allows you to enhance your basement with the intention of keeping the changes at a minimum which in return keeps the cost less expensive.


Merrick Design and Build

Warm red colors everywhere and the concrete floors give this space a whimsical, old school vibe.


Construction Ahead

Create a laundry room that you actually enjoy doing laundry in, paired with a bold blue mud bench.


RDA Architecture

Installing modern furniture and white walls make this basement feel big. Bike storage is a must.


Calico Studio

Put all those unfinished existing columns to use in creating a bar seating for friends and family to gather.


Obelisk Home

When you relocate your home office to the basement make sure to have room for extra seating for clients.


Lucy Call Photography

Placing a large rug on your unfinished concrete flooring will make the room feel more like home.


Narofsky Architecture

Add a large mirror to the walls to create your very own home gym space, equipped with weights.


Quartersawn Design Build

Your kids can always have fun playing basketball inside the house, without harming anything valuable.


Hammer & Hand Construction

Wanting a rustic vibe? Stain your existing concrete floors to give your space that vintage feel.


Construction Ahead

Design your space with fun bright colors that pops to bring the focal attention to your furniture.

Tips to Create a Successful Unfinished Basement Interior

When you decide to let go of your basement plans and just let it be unfinished for now, it does not technically mean that you’ll keep it untidy and disorganized. The great thing about your basement is its location, whether you let it sit for a long time no one would really pay attention to it aside from you. However, once you want to pick up the pace and create an interior with what you currently have, designing it will not be as hard as you think. But before you start with the project, here are tips that you can actually do to make sure that this remodeling will be a success.

Prevent the Moisture

Basements are often targeted as a damp area because of the lack of damp proofing, all the plumbing and leaks that might have occurred. If there are no leaks in the basement but you still feel that dampness, the only resolution you have is to find ways to ventilate the area. You will be in luck if the basement has windows but if yours doesn’t have windows for ventilation the best way to handle this problem is through a dehumidifier. Make sure that you buy a quality dehumidifier because you will need this to bring in the coziness into the room once you’re done remodeling it.

Paint the Ceiling

There are a lot of unfinished basement ceiling ideas that you can find in Pinterest and other home remodeling blogs that can actually help you out with what paint will go well with your whole interior plan. The pipes, joists, and air ducts that are usually found in basement ceilings can take away the vibe that you are trying to establish for your project. Some homeowners just leave these elements out in the open when they cannot afford to cover the ceiling with drywall. Others actually paint them over with light colors (white) to emphasize space or with dark colors (black or gray) to create a cohesive block colored ceiling. Nowadays, painting in other colors like dark blue is also an option.


Terri Weinstein Design

You can use unique pieces and colors for your basement interior to replicate a subway station.


Deimler Family Construction

Add wood paneling to your unfinished walls to add some character to your new private space.



Turning an open space in your basement into a fun skate park for your kids! What a clever idea!


Case Remodeling

Too little, too much? Build storage shelves along unused walls to organize boxes and holiday decor.

Decide on the Flooring

Basement floorings are usually left with just concrete slabs. Homeowners don’t really pay much attention to this area’s flooring unless it is being remodeled. If you have the budget for the flooring improvement, getting it tiled will be so much better. However, if you want to save money and time in doing all the work yourself, area rugs will be a great cover-up for the concrete flooring surface. There are a lot of area rugs that will help you create your desired warmth for your basement. Area rugs can also serve as a great highlight if you are putting up relaxing couches in front of the television or even under a table for your workspace. You do not need to buy an expensive rug, you can always score homey and cozy ones from thrift stores. You’ll be surprised what other things you can buy there, pay them a visit when you are looking for additional accessories for your project.

Another excellent choice for flooring in your basements is foam mats. This type of flooring will be a perfect option for your unfinished basement playroom ideas. Kids will surely enjoy their playtime when the floors are transformed into something softer than the existing concrete. A great thing about this square puzzle-like floor mats is that they can be easily removed when they aren’t needed anymore. This type of flooring will also be perfect for your unfinished basement home gym ideas. This will provide you protection to your body when doing floor exercises or even yoga. Since your basement can be used for any purpose, it will be best to make sure that your flooring will go with the entire purpose of the room.

Invest in Good Lighting

One thing that creates the dreary feeling in your basement is the lack of lighting. If you want a cozier room, you will need to go beyond the usual naked bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Look into other lighting options that will go well with your interior plan. Your unfinished basement wall focal ideas can be easily highlighted if you add wall lights that will make them pop from the background. Another replacement for the usual bulbs is floor lamps and string lights. Having your unfinished basement bedroom ideas come to fruition with a cozy combination of inexpensive string lights and fabulous floor lamps will make you realize why you should have remodeled this area sooner.

Make the Drab Spots Vanish

There are a number of things in your basement that can ruin your whole interior plan. Once you enter the room, that water heater in the corner will stick out like a sore thumb. However, this problem can easily be resolved by resorting to the use of room dividers. The most inexpensive way to hide them is by using curtains but if you feel like curtains are not enough you can also use bookshelves or wine crates. These kinds of room dividers are charming and easy on the eyes. If you are planning on creating one of those unfinished basement laundry room ideas from design blogs, you can actually encase these unsightly spots into one of your laundry cabinets. You can always try different ways to make these things vanish from plain sight depending on your budget.  

Just like any other room in your house, there are infinite ideas that you can do with your basement remodeling project. All you need to do is to make sure that you have resolved all of the existing problems that will hinder the transformation.


The Everygirl

Creating an unfinished basement interior for your personal gym has never looked cool until now.


Faux Wood Beams

Black leather couches and great wall accents have filled the needed masculinity in this room.


Southern Hospitality Blog

This modern farmhouse laundry in your basement with a neat and pristine white interior theme.



The peace and quiet of this personal living space within the basement is good for your family.


Hunted Interior

The simple white walls and other accents are greatly complemented by the flooring in this basement project.



The mix of string lights and the white interiors make this basement a trendy and stylish office at home.

Basement Workshop and Storage

One of the most common inexpensive unfinished basement ideas is transforming it into a workshop or storage area for woodworking. A lot of homeowners who do not have enough space in their garage will turn into their basements when looking for areas that they can easily convert into a workshop or storage area. This sounds like the most ideal thing to do since a basement is a well-hidden place and kids don’t usually like going into dark places.

If you are a DIY project lover creating your own workshop will require you to divide your basement into sections. One of which is your assembly area, this is where all of your small to large DIY projects will happen. Make sure that this area is roomy, in case you will be building something big like cabinets and chairs. You will never know what projects you will do in the future so keep that in mind when planning for this section. Another section that you will need to focus on when building your workshop is the storage area for your tools. The safest option when storing your tools is by using wall cabinets. Aside from providing you room for your assembly area, these cabinets will keep your tools away from kids. Make sure that your tool storage has a system in order for you to easily access them while working. Group your tools according to their use and size. The last section that you can incorporate in your basement workshop is a designated storage area. There are a lot of unfinished basement storage ideas you can find on the Internet that you can actually get inspiration from. It does not need to be fancy, as long as it is functional and neat, your basement workshop and storage will surely be a haven for you.



A photo studio in your basement for your vlogs and blogs? This is a great addition to your home office.


Unskinny Boppy

Reinvent your space with a different paint color. Choosing blue colors are usually cozy and warm.


Andrew Snow Photography

An eye-popping area rug that easily diverts all attention to the furniture that needs highlighting.


Jessica Delaney Photography

In need of a space for a playroom or a study room? Your kids will be happy with this friendly space.


Eric Perry Photography

Private entertainment room for the whole family. Your basement area can be transformed like this!



Why not host intimate family get-togethers in this room with a pool table and relaxing set of couches?


Braden Gunem

This unfinished basement interior is still vibrant with the right choice of colors the owner played with.


One Kindesign

This perfect mancave design idea for your basement will be a great rave when properly executed.

Final Thoughts

The basement in your house has endless potential. You can transform this area by scouring unfinished basement ideas you can find on the Internet. When done correctly, all of the possible ideas that you have in mind can actually add value to the house when you want to flip it. Aside from profit purposes, basements can also serve as a perfect alone space for men, one of the major reasons why husbands usually transform their basements into their personal “man caves”.

The most important thing that you need to consider when wanting to create an unfinished basement interior is the feasibility of the plan against the budget that you have. Prevent yourself from going over budget, cut down on unnecessary. There are a lot of inexpensive basement ideas that can help you create your desired outcome without breaking the bank. After all, the “unfinished” interior was meant to save you bucks.

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