25 Flagstone Walkway Design Ideas

Featured Image: Waterman & Sun Entrances are the very first portion of the landscape that your visitors see. Thus, your walkway and yard should evoke a warm and inviting feeling. One method to obtain this is by placing appealing flagstone pathways. Developing a walkway or path from a flagstone is a favorite option for a lot of homeowners. With the unique natural materials and unlimited style choices, no two elements ever look the same. Check out these flagstone walkway design ideas to see how this gorgeous addition can change the way your yard looks. [...]

21 Backyard Garden Shed Ideas

Featured Image: Southfen Residential Construction While sheds are usually used to keep your gardening paraphernalia and landscaping tools neatly hidden away, there is an entire host of various other functions these backyard spaces are able to serve. Below, explore all of the very best garden shed ideas you are able to apply alongside your fave backyard ideas with this listing of charming builds. DETACHED GARDEN SHED Everyone would concur that this is such a great backyard garden shed that looks adorable and basic. This one appears to be both adorable. The farmhouse shed [...]

21 Backyard Walkway Landscaping Ideas

Featured Image: Gustave Carlson Design Walkways in your backyard or those approaching the front of your home are both visual and functional in purpose. They help direct individuals along the path you've selected, keep them far from other areas, and develop appealing options to enhance the curb appeal and overall appearance of your house. Whether you are planning to upgrade your existing walkway or perhaps create a complete brand new walkway in your property, these backyard walkway ideas will be sure to give direction and inspiration. TRADITIONAL STONE PATH Even if you don't [...]