7 Best Handheld LED Spotlight [2024 Reviews]

Featured Image: Pixabay Whether you're camping, fishing, hunting, or working in the dark, a spotlight is something you can't do without. Having a camping lantern is great, but it can only illuminate so much. You can use a good flashlight for checking an electrical panel, pipe, or basement, but it always comes up short when you need to illuminate nooks, crannies, or long distances. It can be quite hard to find the best LED spotlight that is perfect for you because of the wide array of choices available. And you might have many questions about the spotlights' lumen [...]

7 Best Shop Vacs [2024 Reviews]

No More Chores An upright or indoor vacuum cleaner is a fantastic piece of equipment to have around the house. Want to remove dirt and dust from the floor? Your vacuum cleaner can do that. Tired of seeing your nice carpet littered with pet hair? Then whip out your vacuum cleaner. You can even clean your kitchen appliances, recover tiny items, get rid of allergens at home, and more when you have this home equipment.  But a conventional vacuum cleaner simply won't do if you're a woodworker or a contractor. The types of projects you take on require [...]

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7 Best Tape Measures [2024 Reviews]

Featured Image: Handyman Guide The tape measure is one of the first tools you've ever owned as far as you can remember. You can still remember that ancient relic. A compact little thing that had a shiny chrome housing and can measure only as much as 16 feet. It was always inside your equally small toolbox until you broke the measuring tape's housing, or it finally refused to retract altogether. As years progressed and as you entered the workforce as a professional carpenter or builder, you left that 16-foot tape measure behind and traded it for a 25 [...]

5 Best Benchtop Jointers [2024 Reviews]

Featured Image: Lowe's A benchtop jointer might not be the first power tool you'd want to invest in as a hobbyist or DIYer. You tend to gravitate toward that shiny new portable table saw you saw at the store or that sliding miter saw that is a clone of what your friend has been using for many years. But don't underestimate wood jointers, as they are just as important to woodworkers as other power tools. If you work on a lot of rough-hewn stocks, it's virtually impossible to get smooth and uniform workpieces without it. Whether you're a [...]