Your Window Guide Double vs. Triple Glazed Windows - Sebring Design Build

When replacing your windows these days, you would usually be looking at having double glazed windows installed versus triple glazed windows. Double glazed windows have become the “standard” choice for homeowners.  There is no doubt that double glazing helps to increase energy efficiency and sound reduction in homes. Double glazing has been around for years and has earned its popularity, helping to keep homes warm when the outside weather is getting colder. Now it has new competition–triple glazed windows.

Your Window Guide Double vs. Triple Glazed Windows - Sebring Design Build

Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazing is exactly as it sounds. If a double glazed window has two panes of glass, triple glazed glass obviously has three. The benefits become clear with the understanding of how these windows are actually built. Double and triple glazed windows rely on the multiple panes of glass to make them more energy efficient.

Argon gas is also used in between the layers of glass and it is this gas that makes them so much more energy efficient. Although invisible to the naked eye, argon gas sits sandwiched between the panes of glass.  The gas allows the sunlight to pass through all while cutting down on the heat energy that can escape through it.

As you can imagine, a double glazed window is made up of two panes of glass with argon gas in the middle. Triple glazing is the same, except there is an additional pane of glass.  This means that the triple glazed window has two separate argon gas filled areas.  This creates even more of an energy efficient shield keeping your home at its perfect temperature all year round.

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Your Window Guide Double vs. Triple Glazed Windows - Sebring Design Build

Should You Switch to Triple Glazing?

As you can see from the above description of how the triple glazed windows are built compared to a double glazed window, triple glazed windows are “better”. Triple-glazed windows have the additional pane of glass.   The addition of this piece of glass doubles the amount of argon-filled gas areas to maximize the energy efficiency and sound reduction for your home. This additional build does come at a slightly higher cost.  The question is, do the additional benefits of a triple glazed window make them worth the cost?

Your Window Guide Double vs. Triple Glazed Windows - Sebring Design Build

Money Saving Benefits & Energy Efficiency

To showcase the benefits of double glazed windows in the past, window companies would always promote the money-saving benefits that the windows deliver. Compared to old single pane windows, double glazed windows provide much more when it came to energy efficiency. So much so, that you could easily show the massive difference in internal temperature measured next to a double or single glazed window in a home with the same conditions.

Measuring the internal surface temperate of a single pane window, in a home that was nicely heated to 21 degrees you could see that the single pane of glass was very cold, with a surface temperate of just 1 degree. It is this coldness that always allows condensation to build up on the inside of the pane, leading to damp and mold around your frames. The double glazed windows in the same test home measured a surface temperature of 16 degrees. This huge difference makes it clear to see why so many people have upgraded to double glazed windows over the years.

In the same home, the surface temperature of a triple glazed window was 18 degrees. Again, this is a higher amount showing that the additional structure of the triple glazed window is working as promised. It seems that the triple glazing is a little better, giving you the perfect temperature for your home.  With the minimal difference in cost, more and more homeowners may start to choose triple glazing when replacing their windows.

Your Window Guide Double vs. Triple Glazed Windows - Sebring Design Build

Triple glazed windows do give better energy efficiency and sound reduction than double glazed windows. If having the perfect internal temperature for your home all year round is the most important thing for you when upgrading your windows then triple glazing is the way to go. However, if you are happy with a slightly inferior product but with better savings to be made, then opt for double glazing. Every homeowner is different with unique budgets and at the end of the day, the choice is yours.