23 Stacked Stone Fireplace Ideas

Featured Image: WEST ELEVATION ARCHITECTS INC It's hard to go wrong with a stone fireplace in case the aim is making a space feel cozy or even to provide it with a rustic look. Stacked stone fireplaces permit us to bring coziness and comfort into decors and spaces, which would usually feel bland. It may not look like a really powerful interior design element, but it is, and it'll always be. But how can you incorporate a stone fireplace into the contemporary decor, and how can you decorate around it? Check below to find out how you can add [...]

21 Stone Fireplace Ideas

Featured Image: Gelotte Hommas Drivdahi Architecture It has always been fascinating when people cozy up in a stone fireplace in their living rooms. Having this installed in your modern farmhouse living areas will involve a huge ton of planning and actual work but all the efforts will be worth it once this renovation has been carried out. Whether this fireplace will be big or small, this will be a noticeable change when you walk into your room. So you better pick the right material that will make this standout feature worth it. There are various materials that you can [...]