11 Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design for 2024

Kitchen cabinetry is not just for storage; it is integral to your kitchen’s style when undertaking a kitchen remodel. Cabinetry serves as the crown jewel that brings everything together. It offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal. While cabinetry design has evolved more gradually compared to other elements like countertops or flooring, significant trends and advancements in 2024 are worth noting. Homeowner preferences for kitchen features and details are always evolving. So is the quality and style of available materials and products. Knowing the latest design and remodeling trends can help you make the best choices. Here are the top [...]

23 Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

Featured Image Source: Traditional Beams If you want to make your home more trendy, floating shelf ideas can be simple yet effective way to remix your space. Floating shelves do not have visible brackets, but rather attach directly to your wall. This allows them to integrate seamlessly into your existing design or become a focal point. There are many ways to add floating shelves and they can be a great feature in your living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, laundry room, or entryway. Floating shelves are truly flexible in placement and style, but also very functional. Some types of [...]

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25 Yellow Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Featured Image Source: Operando Design Light up your mornings and add color and life to your kitchen with yellow kitchen cabinets. In case your kitchen feels starved for natural light or could utilize a couple of pops of room-warming color, yellow painted kitchen cabinets will stimulate your space with a sunshiny feel. However, don't think you need to paint everything yellow during your kitchen remodel. Moreover, the invigorating color arrives in a wide scope of delightful shades—from golden to muted cream and chartreuse to saffron—and all shades will light up things up while summoning that comfortable inclination. For inspiration, [...]

The Detailed CWP Cabinetry Guide

Don Lake, the company's founder, started it all in 1981 with the simple goal of providing excellent jobs to excellent people. Kevin and Caroline Gray, the current proprietors, maintain this concept by recruiting and training artisans enthusiastic about producing high-quality goods. To ensure that their customers have the best possible experience, CWP cabinetry dealers need hardworking and bright individuals to work in the store, central office, and showrooms. Custom Wood Products is based in the Midwest and is established on a foundation of hard work, trust, and workers that take pleasure in producing the finest products available. At their [...]