5 Best Home Water Softener Systems [2023 Reviews]

Sebring Design Build If your water contains at least 60 mg of dissolved magnesium and calcium, you can classify it as “hard.” Getting rid of the hardness of water can be difficult, but knowing the advantages of doing it can be worth it. Ultimately, the simplest way of doing this is by getting the best water softener. In fact, knowing what is the best water softener can eliminate issues with your skin, plates and dishes, and stained laundry. When you get your hands on our best water softener system reviews based on the leading products available today, you will [...]

5 Best Miter Saw Stands [2024 Reviews]

Featured Image Source: Pinterest Any weekend warrior knows that a miter saw is a key tool to have for a number of DIY projects. But almost as important as a miter saw is a miter saw stand. The right stand can save you from having a number of problems with your saw. When I was first starting out with my in-garage construction projects, I had a good quality saw - but the stand was subpar. This made the saw shaky and wobbly, preventing me from being able to cut straight. Plus, having a wobbly saw is dangerous. You never [...]

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Need Help Finding a Remodeling Contractor? Start with the 3 Best Review Websites

A major home renovation project can be a dream come true or a nightmare that costs you more money than you planned. The contractor you decide to use will determine whether you have a great experience or lose a lot of money. A remodeling contractor is a company who can design, estimate, schedule & manage all the details of a complicated remodeling project. The state of Illinois does not require general contractors to be licensed, bonded or insured. Because of this, many homeowners find it difficult weeding out the honest, reliable professionals from the fly-by-night companies. One of the [...]