Best Laundry Room Paint Color Ideas

Featured Image Source: Dresner Design Frequently, we don't really put much effort into thinking about the paint colors for laundry rooms when painting or renovating our homes. In any case, the laundry room is one area that we have to spend a lot of time. Also, a refreshing and well-organized laundry room can help lighten the entire chore. In case you are like most individuals, you probably hate doing the laundry. Obviously, you are also mindful of how important it is. Thus, by investing some time in the best laundry room paint color ideas, one can impressively light up [...]

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Shaker Style Cabinets: Are They Here to Stay?

The Kitchenworks Shaker Style Cabinetry: A Consistent Favorite And A Lasting Style! History Shaker furniture is named for the Shaker community, a religious Christian community that originated in the early 18th century as an offshoot of the Quaker movement. The Shakers’ unwavering and steadfast commitment to simplicity in life and self-reliance led them to design their own furniture, of which an absence of flair and resolute simplicity of design were the marked features. The Shakers’ spartan lifestyle and the economics of self-production became self-evident in both their architecture and furnishings. The minimum amount of material was used to construct [...]