Why Basement Kid Caves are the New Man Cave

  Ever stubbed your toe on a toy truck? Tripped over a doll? Scrambled to hide the explosion of toys in your family room before company comes? Or maybe you’ve resigned yourself to your bedroom while your children and their friends take over the family room. Most parents, even the most organized ones, will likely answer a resounding, “YES!” If so, maybe it’s time to consider a kid cave. So what exactly is a kid cave? Like the man cave and she shed, a kid cave is retreat, a room that reflects everything your kids love.  Whether it’s dress-up [...]

43 She Shed & Woman Cave Ideas: The Ladies Answer to the Man Cave

Despite what may immediately come to mind, a woman cave is not filled with girly pink things. Furthermore, it is not the exact opposite of a man cave, in that it is obviously girly’ in design and style. Rather, it is a space where a woman can relax and have some me-time. A place where she can let her hair down, allowing her personality and creativity to run free. Like a man cave, a woman cave can be located in various areas of the house, especially off-traffic spaces. A basement remodel is usually a time to add a spot for a woman [...]

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29 Incredible Man Cave Ideas That Will Make You Jealous

A man cave is a personal sanctuary where you can indulge your hobbies and guilty pleasures with freedom. It provides personal space for much needed me-time especially if you have a big family and busy days. The best thing about it is that you have complete control over the aesthetics. So however crazy or unique you want the design to be, you can have it all. There are three important factors to consider when planning a man cave; location, style and furnishings. Location The location of your man cave will depend a lot on where you can get extra [...]

45 Amazing Luxury Finished Basement Ideas

Getting Your Basement Project Underway So you have decided to turn your musty junk-filled basement into a warm liveable space. Or maybe you are already using the basement but want to style it up a notch. Basement design ideas are limitless. Whether you want a cool chic look or a more dramatic themed basement, the choices are endless. But before you decide on the style you want for your basement, here are a few things to consider. First, what are you using your basement for? This will greatly determine what finish you give the basement. A living area needs to feel [...]

Before & After: One Really Cool Basement Remodeling Project

Last year we had the opportunity to work for Sidd & Nisha,  a couple that lives in Naperville, IL.  They had many things they were looking for in their basement remodeling project.  They wanted a wet bar, a relaxing space to watch movies, an extra area for their kids to play and a stage for Sidd to practice with his band mates. Like a lot of Naperville basements that we see, they had a deep foundation pour, (meaning the foundation was dug deeper,  giving you taller foundation walls and more head room), and it was a lookout basement so [...]