7 Best Air-Powered Micro Pin Nailers [2024 Reviews]

Featured Image: Nail Gun Depot For thousands of years, woodworkers relied on hammers and nails to piece everything together. Using hammers nails is labor-intensive and it's going to take a while before you can finish one project, but it got the job done. Today's builders and hobbyists, however, do not need to spend all day pounding nails thanks to the invention of nail guns. There are many types of nail guns or nailers. There's the framing nailer (which we've covered here) which, as the name suggests, is used to build house frames. Flooring nailers, roofing nailers, finish nailers, [...]

7 Best Framing Nailers [2024 Reviews]

Featured Image: The Architect's Guide There are a lot of nailers available on the market right now. There's the roofing nailer, siding nailer, finish nailer, and pin nailer. You also have the staple gun, the brad nailer, and the palm nailer. But if you're planning to have your home remodeled or you want to add a new section to your home, then what you need is a framing nailer. If you're planning to purchase a framing nailer as a gift for yourself or a friend or family member and you don't know one thing about them, then you're [...]