Basement Remodeling: More Than Laundry and Storage

If you are like many homeowners, you might not put a lot of thought into remodeling your basement. Until now, your basement has been a dark, unfinished space where you store old holiday decorations and wash clothes.
However, a basement can be much more for you and your children than simply a place to wash dirty football jerseys. A basement can easily be transformed into a wonderful space for your family (and they’ll certainly thank you for it!)

Below are just a few ideas for a basement remodeling project that will accommodate your growing family.

Newborn? Avoid Waking the Whole House

Have you considered building a nursery in your basement? If you have a newborn in the house (or on the way) it could be a good idea. Then, you can snooze downstairs with your little one, or you can use a baby monitor to keep an “ear out,” but you don’t have to worry about the rest of the household waking up when your newborn cries.

Add Another Bedroom

When you bought your home, you might not have planned on adding a new addition to your family. If you find that you need another bedroom, however, you can always convert your basement rather than forcing family members to share rooms or selling your home to purchase one with more rooms.

Keep Toys Out of the Living Room

If you have kids in the house, you probably know how quickly toys can get out of control. If you have a basement, you can turn it into a playroom, which will allow you to keep all of your little ones’ toys out of the way. Plus, your little ones are sure to love having their own space for playing.

Family Fun Time

Another idea for your basement is to turn it into a family game room. Then, the entire family can enjoy it. You can create a home theater room with a flat-screen, video game consoles and more. Then, you will have a place for the family to get comfortable rather than taking over your living room area.

You can also add a pool table, a table tennis table and more to your basement game room. This will provide the perfect place for the entire family to have a good time. Plus, your kids are sure to love having a place to hang out with one another and with their friends.

Hangout Space for Older Kids and Teens

As your kids get older, they might outgrow their bedroom. A teen who is looking for a little more space to hang out and unwind — and who might like listening to music that is loud enough to bother the rest of the family — might find that a basement sanctuary is the perfect new bedroom.

Plus, as your kids get older and move out of your home, you never know when they might need to come back. If your kids need to move in after college until they are able to pay off their student loans or get a job, or if your kids need a place to stay when they get older, a basement bedroom can be the perfect choice. Then, both adult children and parents can all have a little bit of privacy.

Even if your basement is currently unfinished, tackling a basement remodeling project might not be as big of a deal as you think. Plus, as you can see, it can be totally worthwhile to remodel your basement if you have kids in the house.