25 Different Types Of Drills With Pictures

Featured Image: Popular Woodworking If you're working on a project, an electrical job, or anything else that needs the use of hand tools and power tools, the likelihood is that you'll need to drill holes. Generally, these holes are used to introduce screws, nails, studs, and other objects and materials into various objects and surfaces. And, as you might guess, you'll require a drilling tool or a drilling machine to accomplish the task. Not all drills on the market are identical since they perform distinct roles. While some are excellent for minor projects, others are ideal for heavy-duty use, [...]

What is an Impact Driver? Cordless Drill vs Impact Driver

Imagine walking down the aisle of your favorite hardware store. You're looking for a power tool that can fasten those long screws for your current project. You're new to woodworking, so you're unsure if you should just get a regular cordless drill or if it's better to buy an impact driver because one of your friends told you to. Or is it better to get both? And because you're new to woodworking, you're wondering what even is an impact driver? Does it function like a standard drill, or does it offer something new? Is it more powerful than [...]