Project Description

Brian & Mary’s Naperville Kitchen Remodel

Brian & Mary came to us with a fairly new kitchen that didn’t have an island.  Mary showed me a few pictures of what she was looking to do.  She wanted a space for seating and more storage space.

Kitchen Cabinets need to be both beautiful and functional, which is why designing with lots of drawers have become very popular.  Stronger drawer glides have resulted in bigger drawers that can house heavier kitchen items. Drawers are now used to store everything from pots & pans to heavy food mixers and blenders.  We are seeing a trend towards base cabinets with drawer-only designs, with the exception being the sink base.

While painted white cabinetry is a popular finish, shaker style doors are by far the most popular door style for kitchen remodeling. The squared-off rail and stiles tend to be the standard Shaker door. Beveling the exterior or interior edges of the doors have become a nice alternative. This small detail can give a transitional effect to your kitchen.

Naperville Kitchen Remodeling