51 Awesome Sliding Barn Door Ideas

The 50 Best Pictures of Barn Doors - Sebring Services

Barn doors are not just for barns anymore. From the countryside barns, these wide sliding doors have entered the house to become popular interior décor pieces. From cozy bedrooms to rustic home offices and perfect room dividers, barn-style doors are all the rage for homeowners.

Why Sliding Barn Doors?

Barn doors come with both functional and aesthetic benefits. Functionally, they are big space savers. The traditional swinging door typically needs 9 feet or more of space to function properly. While this may not be an issue for large houses, more space-starved homes will find it more than a little problematic. They need all the space they can get for furniture, appliances and movement. Nine feet is a lot of space to leave to the door. French doors, as beautiful as they are, are even bigger space gobblers.

In a small space where every single inch counts, sliding barn doors come in handy. A well installed sliding barn door offers great space economy for whatever room you use it in. Of course, you need to have enough adjacent wall space for the barn door to slide over when it is opened. But this is often preferable to similarly space-saving pocket doors that require much more work to install or remove.

A small disadvantage with sliding barn doors is that they may not close as quietly as traditional doors. But a good contractor should be able to install it in such a way that noise is reduced to a minimum.

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Other Sliding Barn Door Advantages

Another advantage of sliding barn doors is their support system. Sliding barn doors use a track for movement. The entire weight of the door is therefore distributed along the length of the track. This allows for the installation of heavier-than-usual doors without affecting stability of ease of movement. For places that need more security but are limited in space, a heavy sliding barn door would work just fine.

There is also, of course, the aesthetics side of the sliding barn door craze. Some sliding barn doors have this rustic outdoorsy feel that creates a stunning contrast when indoors. This contrast is especially enhanced if the door is styled in a worn, rustic design that makes it seem like it was taken right from the barn outside and installed inside.

The result is a surprisingly warm feeling ideal for any home renovation project. You can use it in your garage, bedroom, home office and bathroom. For a more modern look, you can give the barn door a polished look matching the walls. There are several sliding barn door bathroom and bedroom images below to give you some inspiration.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Goforth Gill Architects

Pretty, classic and clean. I love the soft color.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Gristmill Builders, LTD

BIG door with TONS of detail!


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Cornerstone Construction Newport, RI

This door is very crisp & clean in style.  The addition of this barn door adds just a little bit more to this very inviting bedroom.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Real Sliding Hardware

Mediterranean look.   This is a great addition/idea if you have a space that includes a wine cellar or wine tasting room in this case.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Our Town Plans

Sometimes you don’t have room for huge doors–so I like the smaller size of these doors.   Love the burst of color.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Significant Homes LLC

Fun and ingenious use of doors. Wouldn’t you love to hide away behind them! 


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Emerick Architects

Industrial Chic.   Screams “cool” and is definitely eye-catching.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Signature Homes

The black color of the door grounds the room, adding some more warmth.  I always love the use of these doors to conceal televisions and entertainment components.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Dawn Hearn Interior Design

Very classic, rustic and masculine.  Great kid’s bunk area.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
P2 Design

Love the double doors and that it is classic & traditional.   The windows at the top help make the space feel less closed in.   Must be a nice office space to work in.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Dillon Kyle Architects

Love the color and the crisscross detail.  Adds just a little drama to the entry of this space.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Castle Construction of Santa Barbara

What a unique way to enclose a closet area.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Great Neighborhood Homes

This door contains so much beautiful detail and just so pretty!   Looks like a very classy cottage.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Louise de Miranda

Unique alternative to window treatments.  Love the detail of door.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Refined Custom Homes

What a great reclaimed wood door that was actually added to a more contemporary style home.  Really love the hardware along the top of the door.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Keller Architecture

What an exciting punch of color!!


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Alan Mascord Design Associates, Inc.

Beautiful rustic doors that lead into a luxurious bathroom space while adding privacy to closet and laundry areas.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Adams + Beasley Associates

Use the space that you have! Clever use of doors to conserve hallway space for a great guest laundry area.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Rustica Hardware

Love the smaller size of the door and the color–exudes warmth.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Weber + Studio Architects

Clever way to enclose a sleeping niche. Kids would love this or maybe Mom can hide in here and read a book.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Ridge Creek Custom Homes

This door looks clean, classic, and sturdy. Smart choice for this space.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Dillon Kyle Architects

Great use of gray color and the crisscross design definitely adds beautiful detail. Classy and warm.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
BAC Design Group

A nice pop of color–pretty shade of blue.  Black and/or dark hardware is always a nice touch to ground other design elements and colors.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
KBC Developments

A truly contemporary spin on the barn door.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Kate Benjamin Photography LLC

The beautiful driftwood gray color of this door is elegant. Pretty handle too!


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Rodriguez Studio Architecture PC

This door is perfect for this loft space, fresh and modern. I love all the small windows; it adds more interest to the door.  The color is so rich and warm.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Lda Architecture & Interiors

I just love the teal color and also simplicity of the design.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Fiorella Design

Let the kids draw on the walls and then cover it up.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Sarah Greenman

Pretty salvaged door.  A nice addition to a vintage bathroom.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Dwellings Design Group Costa Mesa CA

Love the three panel style and the Rustica Hardware.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Nick Noyes Architecture

I love this barn door because it gives a fresh open vibe to the room.  The light gray metallic barn door hardware is very unique and goes well with the white door and wall paint color.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Jenny Baines Design for Living

Installing barn doors as privacy doors to a master bath is a great way to add some architectural detail to an otherwise blank walk.  What a simple & clean look.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
VanBrouck & Associates, Inc.

I love that the smoked glass lets some light through.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Reclaimed Lumber Products

This door just exudes warmth.   Seems so classic.   This is what I would expect to find in a home in the south.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Justin Pauly Architechts

This is such a unique door with tons of detail. So smart how they created a separate area for the light to come in or to look out outside.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Robert Paige Cabinetry

Love the gray color!


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Envi Interior Design Studio

Clean, warm, contemporary and I like that it conceals or reveals a bar area.  Always a big fan of the smaller doors.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Fautt Homes

Traditional, timeless and clean. I always love white–it brightens up the space.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Artistic Designs for Living

Love the contrast of white and dark features.  What a fantastic farmhouse door.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Spinnaker Development

Love the texture of these doors and how they compliment the sleekness of the other walls.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Murphy & Co Distinctive Residential Design

What a great smart way to utilize hallway space for much needed storage. Notice the handle on the end.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Advanced Renovations, Inc.

 It’s so clever how the ship lap matches the wall and I also like where they located the door to disguise the hidden room and/or pantry area.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Siemaski + Verbridge

Rustic and modern at the same time. Smart way to partition off an office.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Brennan + Company Architects

Industrial & funky barn door, take a look at the #2 handle! Love it.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Tanya Collins Design, Inc.

A very contemporary version of a barn and/or sliding door.  Love the rich color and that it radiates simple elegance.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
C.H. Newton Builders, Inc.

What a gorgeous door for a beautiful farmhouse bedroom.  Feels like home.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Thompson Custom Homes

So comfy and cozy. The use of these beautiful doors easily changes this space from entertainment area to conversation area.


Barn Doors - Sebring Services
Su Casa Designs Interior Design

Nice added traditional feature. Adds a little something “extra” to the area. Love the three little windows along the top!

If you are handy with tools, you can try your own DIY sliding barn door installation. But beware, it is not as easy as it looks and you may not be able to pull it off alone. To make sure the door slides well along the track with no hiccups, we highly recommend hiring a professional.

If the sliding barn door idea pics above have given you some ideas for your own home, we are here to help. For any and all questions on the best materials for the barn door, installation, or how to blend it in with existing décor, do not hesitate to contact us.

This is an image roundup post, curated to showcase and promote other reputable contracting companies’ and their amazing work.  To have any of the images removed, please reach out to us and we would be happy to do so.


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    • Bryan Sebring July 12, 2016 at 3:21 pm

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