13 Best White Apron Farmhouse Sinks [2024 Reviews]

Sebring Design Build It's great to have a farmhouse sink at home. This type of sink is versatile, allowing you to install it not only in a farmhouse-inspired kitchen but also in a modern minimalist one. Farmhouse sinks are roomy, giving you plenty of space for stacking plates, glasses, and cutlery if you want to tackle them later. They also have an exposed apron front that gives them a cozy and more traditional look. If you're in the market for a farmhouse sink -- specifically a white apron farmhouse sink -- then you're in good company. We've covered [...]

12 Best Copper Farmhouse Sinks [2024 Reviews]

Featured Image: Rachiele Custom Sinks What do the Statue of Liberty, the Spring Temple Buddha, and the roof of the Minneapolis City Hall have in common? Well, all of them are made of copper, a metal that has a long and storied past. But you don't have to visit any of these places to get up close and personal with copper. From copper wirings to plumbing to cookware, this metal has found its way to millions of homes all over the world. It's hard to dislike copper. Its color is simply unique, and the metal has a warmth [...]