Project Details

These clients’ biggest complaint about their previously designed master bathroom was that it felt too dark and closed off, even though it is good-sized and has a large window. We made slight design modifications, as the bathroom already had a lot of entry doors and small closets. By flipping the toilet area with a closet, we were able move the closet area out of the bathroom all together. This allowed for a separate larger walk-in closet space within the master bedroom.  We were able to eliminate (2) doors and reposition a 3rd so that it was hidden, making the space more cohesive.

The walls around the shower were taken down to ½ walls for some privacy and space definition. The upper position was glassed in to allow for natural light to flood the space. Within the shower, the bench seat was removed for more interior space, since it was designed for (2) people. A large niche was also included for storage needs. Arabesque marble-looking porcelain tile was placed in the center of this beautiful shower as a focal point. While a herringbone pattern was applied to the bathroom floor; this tile was subtle in color and this bathroom was large enough to truly showcase the herringbone pattern!

The built-in whirlpool tub was removed and replaced with a freestanding tub. A wainscot design was added on the wall around the tub for aesthetic detail. Furthermore, a dropped down make-up area was removed from the cabinetry run to allow for added drawer storage and continuous countertop space. Overall, this master bathroom maintains a traditional vibe, but is still modern, light, and airy.

Brand: Bellmont Cabinet Co.
Series: 1600
Door Style: Retro
Finish: Paint – White

Material: Quartz
Brand: Corian Quartz
Color: Octavio
Finish: Polished
Vanity Faucet
Brand: Moen
Collection: Brantford
Finish: Chrome
Floor & Shower Wall Tile
Material: Porcelain 
Brand: Vallelunga
Collection: Carrara
Color: Carrara
Finish: Honed
Size: 3 x 12″
Shower Accent Wall Tile
Material: Porcelain
Brand: Anatolia
Collection: Mayfair
Color: Volakas Grigio
Finish: Polished
Size: Arabesque Mosaic
Shower Floor Tile
Material: Glass
Brand: Terra Bella Marble
Collection: Cafe
Color: Utaupia
Finish: Matte
Size: Mini Hexagon Mosaic