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Hello, I am Bryan Sebring. I have built, owned and operated Sebring Design Build since 1999. My wife Jenny and I are high school sweethearts that met in the first day of class in high school in 1991. Five years after that first meeting, we got married and we now have four awesome kids. Brye, Brayden, Bryce and Brock. It’s nice to (virtually) meet you!


Many of us have heard the saying, “The only constant in life is change” and today more than ever this is certainly true!  In February of 2020, my oldest daughter Brye uploaded a small snippet of a song she sang, wrote and produced to TikTok called “Lemons.” It very quickly went viral and after posting to Spotify and Apple Music!  Because of “Lemons” viral success, Brye attracted a lot of interest from within the music industry and was blessed to have a management team (located in Nashville) reach out to help guide her new budding career.  Jenny and I, wanted to support her in every way possible, thus deciding to relocate to Franklin, Tennessee.  Jenny and I are thrilled for Brye and excited to be given a front row seat to watch all that the future holds for her!


I would be remiss if I didn’t give out a shout out to my amazing staff at Sebring Design Build.  I am so grateful to have such a hardworking group of professionals working with me to ensure and uphold the integrity of this company day in and day out.  I live by the motto “A good leader leads, not does.”