Project Details

The kitchen project was definitely a challenge in this homemade of unique elements.  With the original kitchen still stuck back in time and all by its lonesome in a far corner we had to do something to fix this problem. Coming up with a unique idea to combine the existing kitchen and dining room to really expand the space was a challenge we were up for.  Looking to keep it timeless and classic they decided to go with fresh natural colors.  The amazing large island just is absolutely gorgeous.  Now this family can really gather and spend lots of quality time together as they cook and eat.  What a great idea to bring the spaces together to help bring the family together.

Brand: Bellmont Cabinet Co
Series: 1600
Door Style: Retro
Finish: Paint_White


Material: Quartz
Brand: Cambria
Color: Weybourne
Finish: Polished


Brand: Bellmont Cabinet Co
Series: 1600
Finish: Paint_Naval

Kitchen Faucet

Brand: Moen
Collection: Genta
Finish: Spot Resist Stainless

Kitchen Sink

Brand: Solera
Collection: Composite Granite
Finish: Silver

Material: Ceramic
Collection: Stellar
Finish: Gloss
Size: 6 x 6”