7 Best Moisture Meter [2021 Reviews]

Featured Image: Architecturelab Moisture meters can evaluate the moisture content of numerous various material types, including paneling, drywall, and wood studs. Other woodworkers and furniture makers use the meters often to make sure they are dealing with an excellent product, and flooring contractors utilize the meters to determine the best moisture conditions when adding a laminate or wood flooring over a subfloor or concrete slab. For building and home inspectors, a moisture meter is an essential tool in their toolbox for checking the condition of a house. Likewise, you can use a moisture meter to ensure your house [...]

How to Cut Porcelain Tile

Porcelain remains one of the most popular choices for bathroom and kitchen tile. This hard, glazed substance can easily decorate floors and walls for added durability and great aesthetic value. From design to implementation, working with porcelain can be a breeze - as long as you know how to cut it. For some homeowners, cutting this smooth substance can be a challenge, especially if they are used to ceramic. Since porcelain is fired and glazed clay, there are different factors to take into consideration before cutting it. Needless to say, it can be done using a variety of specialty tools [...]

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The Big Debate: Metal Studs vs Wood Studs

When it comes to remodeling your home or basement finishing, there are a lot of different types of studs to choose from. But take a trip down to the hardware store, and you’ll find that there are only two main types of studs to choose from:  Wood and Metal. Why is that, exactly? According to the pros, there are a lot of benefits to using both steel studs or wooden studs. However, a lot of builders tend to prefer one type or the other. What’s with the big debate? And, more importantly, which one is truly better? In this review, [...]

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