Simple Steps to Transform Your Average Kitchen

There are simple and cost-effective ways in which you can transform your average kitchen into a stunning and welcoming space. To some people, a beautiful kitchen consists of the latest cooking equipment, appliances, high-end cabinetry and upscale décor. Achieving this feat is not only time consuming, but will also make you delve deeper into your pocket to accomplish and maintain that sort of lifestyle. However, there are simple and economical ways in which you can remodel your ordinary kitchen. You can update your kitchen to look marvelous at a low cost and ensure that it maintains the same classy and [...]

70 Spectacular Custom Kitchen Island Ideas

Time for some island hopping--right in your kitchen!  From curved marble custom kitchen islands to storage-heavy workhorse islands, we've gathered some impressive custom kitchen island ideas. The kitchen island is the social area of the kitchen. It is a popular gathering point especially for breakfast before everyone runs off to their own busy days. It also adds a lot of functionality to a kitchen, providing additional workspace and storage. Considering its central position in the kitchen, it is worth taking time to consider the best design for your kitchen island. Hopefully by the end of this blog, you’ll have [...]

Appliance Maintenance & When It’s Time to Replace

More often than not, we throw our appliances away when they break down and purchase new ones to replace them. However, it’s not always necessary. While appliances are not always as long-lasting as they were several decades ago; your appliances don’t always need to be replaced, sometimes it is a lot easier to have them repaired. The Average Appliance Lifespan It is important to know roughly how long your appliances will operate for before they need to be replaced. Here is a quick list of some of the most common appliances and the average length [...]

Sleek Stainless Steel Countertop Ideas Guide

Zone 4 Architects, LLC Go to most restaurants and commercial kitchens and chances are they are using stainless steel countertops. Their harsh and busy working environment requires a surface that can take a beating and still look good. Most importantly, they need a surface that maintains the highest hygiene standards. Stainless steel provides these benefits and much more. You can also enjoy these benefits at home at roughly the same costs you would incur with a granite, marble or quartz countertop. If you are looking for a countertop that is tough, durable and looks good, try a [...]

41 Cozy Nook Ideas You’ll Want in Your Home

In this article, we have an assortment of cozy nook ideas for you. They include breakfast nook ideas, reading nook ideas, kitchen nook ideas, kids' nook ideas and so much more. Cozy nooks are great for everyone. You can create one for your kids to read in or make one for yourself to snuggle in when the weather is chilly. Large kitchens and spacious living rooms are all great and we love them, but sometimes you want crawl up inside a cozy space and escape to a world of your own where you can read, eat or simply daydream [...]

12 Home Improvements and the Best Month for Each

Planning for the next big home improvement project even after you’ve recently completed a renovation, is normal. With home design, there’s always another project to tackle, new technologies to integrate and color schemes to change. To better organize your home improvement goals and increase your odds of project success, consider the best times to complete the following common home improvements. 1. January: Carpet Cleaning Winter creates a major mess both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the harsh elements, carpeted floors hold significant amounts of grime (tracked in by shoes) throughout the snowy season. While it [...]

How to Systematically Choose the Right Contractor

When planning a home remodeling project, homeowners face a long list of worries and concerns. How much will it cost? Will it take too long? Is this really the right move? But there is one question that homeowners could benefit from asking more often: how do I hire the right contractor? According to the CFA (Consumer Federation of America) and NACAA (National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators), contracting is the top complaint among homeowners doing home improvement. Another survey found that almost half (48%) of all respondents would not hire their contractor for a future project. Too many homeowners [...]

How to Build the Perfect Kitchen from the Chef’s Point Of View

Building the perfect kitchen can be a pleasant journey or difficult task depending on how you approach it. The kitchen is not only a place where you cook but also a place where you entertain your guests or have dinner with your family and friends. From the busy mornings to the lazy Sunday evenings, the kitchen is the hub of activity in your home. Whether you want to revamp your kitchen or build it from scratch, there are a few things to keep in mind. Beauty, function, and convenience are the key factors which go hand-in-hand. You should be [...]

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Use Color to Make a Small Kitchen Look Larger

If I could have my way (don't we all wish we could!), I would design my kitchen to be the size of two very large rooms. It would have lots of counter space for food prep and to hold the immense number of appliances I've accumulated. It would feature an eat-in section, a desk area, a large range hood, and even a hang-out space with comfy seating. Reality, however, is quite different. My kitchen is the size of a small box. Within that box, I've placed full-sized appliances, a small round table, a pantry, and enough counter space to [...]

Balancing Style With Accessibility

Today is a guest post written by Chuck Winkles, who is the president of New Life Bath & Kitchen in Santa Maria, California. He is proud to work with a top-notch team of professionals dedicated to remodeling excellence and customer satisfaction. When staying in your home is the goal, you want to make sure you actually enjoy how your home looks. Design features for independent living solutions can sometimes transform your home into looking too institutional, making the space feel less like an actual home. If you want to age in place while keeping your home organized, functional, and beautiful, [...]