A Few Things to Consider While Installing Bathroom Cabinets

A well-maintained bathroom is incomplete without a cabinet. A cabinet has various functions and thus, it is an essential in any bathroom. Otherwise, where will you store all your essentials or do your makeup? There are many manufacturers who are making bathroom vanity cabinets in various shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from during your bathroom remodel. But picking any random cabinet is not a very smart idea and you need to take a few things into consideration, before investing in one cabinet. Take a look at the following considerations. Placement of the Cabinet Firstly, you have to place [...]

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A Warm & Inviting Bathroom Remodel

Steve and Sandy had the typical Naperville master bath with the giant soaking tub in the corner of the room and a teeny tiny fiberglass shower base next to it.  In the 90's, that was the trend and the definition of "luxurious", meant that you had to have this impractical monster size tub in your bathroom. But why? How many people with this kind of tub actually use it every day or more than a couple times a year?  Most people do not have time to lay around in the tub after work with a glass of wine to de-stress. [...]