31 Minimalist Bedroom Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Dana Berkus Interiors You can usually identify a minimalist room by clean lines, a restrained palette, and a stripped-down simplicity. Having much less stuff means everything in the area has to be both practical and gorgeous. It is also a time to embellish & shop with intention. Here are 31 minimalist bedrooms that are low on clutter and large on style. ORGANIC MODERN John Kraemer & Sons Who will want many decors or wild prints if you have a view like this? SLEEK Prull Custom Builders Modern and [...]

37 Teen Boy Bedroom Design Ideas

Featured Image: Raspberry Interiors Teen boys require space of their own, and this is not just any space. They require their very own multi-functional corner in which they are able to sleep, study, chill out, hang with buddies, and entirely escape from everything. In case your son's bedroom has pale yellow-colored walls, teddy bears on the racks, along with a poster hanging on the structure that he had since he was nine, perhaps it is time for a bedroom makeover. Check out our 37 teen boy bedroom ideas and images for design inspiration. You got this! [...]

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29 Pink Bedroom Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Phoebe Howard Pink, the offspring of white and red, has turned into a significant color alternative in home design. And it is not restricted anymore to the nursery or even little girls pink bedroom; from the innovative ideas and visions of several gifted designers & homeowners, the color pink continues to grow and graduates into adult rooms with different decorating styles. You can go all out with an all-pink room, or simply make use of a couple of pink accents to spark up a basic color scheme—in case you like the color pink, allow it to show. [...]

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37 Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

Featured Image: M. Crisler Designs Decorating or designing a bedroom for a teenage girl can be challenging. Because they are growing up rapidly, it isn't easy to design an area that may cater to all of the growing needs. You don’t need to worry, however. We have curated 37 teen girl bedroom ideas and inspirations that can help you. Explore all of the great ideas, tricks, and tips you need to start decorating the ideal bedroom for your teenage girl. BLUE WALLS Homes by Chris Despite the dark walls, this bedroom is cozy [...]

27 Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Featured Image: Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd. Farmhouse living has a really different feel. In case you miss that feeling, you are able to build a modern farmhouse style bedroom and also have a cozy and warm room that is constantly inviting after a hard day at work. When you reside in a city, but your heart is fixed in the country, a modern farmhouse style room is going to give you the proper feeling that is both comforting and casual. Today, we provide you with 27 modern farmhouse bedroom ideas that are sure to inspire you. Whatever design [...]

11 Bedroom Paint Colors And Psychology Of Each Color

Featured Image: Smith Firestone Associates Did you know that your bedroom paint colors can have an influence on your mood? It’s true; the psychology of colors is a powerful thing, and the shade and hue of colors can have a huge impact on the way you feel every day. That’s why in 2020 many homeowners are starting to look for different ways to paint their bedroom walls, and find inspiration in different color schemes that can help bring a lot more positivity, ambiance, or calmness to the home. Below, we’ll go over 11 of the most popular paint colors [...]

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29 White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Matt White Custom Home Your room is a definitive spot for relaxation and rest. It's where you start and end the day, so it needs to be an area that you certainly love. In case you think it may be an ideal opportunity to remodel your resting space, we're here to help! In spite of the fact that revamping your room may seem like a huge project, the truth is it can be less stressful than you think. Rather than overcomplicating your remodel plans, we recommend going back to the basics and choosing one of these creative [...]

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29 Blue Bedroom Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Jackson Design & Remodeling Blue is a timeless, classic, & versatile option for any color scheme. In fact, each shade will offer a different vibe to your room, from a bold navy blue to vibrant teal or aqua blue. In case you need assistance in picking your ideal shade of blue, be inspired by these 29 blue bedroom ideas. Indeed, blue is one of the most calming hues on the spectrum, and it's excellent for your bedroom. If you haven't thought about blue for your room, think about the huge selections of available shades. There is certainly [...]

29 Brown Bedroom Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Peace Design Brown is one of the trendiest colors to use in the bedroom. Homeowners and designers particularly utilize the color in different rooms because of the warmth and comfort brown brings to any room. Regardless of what shade of brown you use, it is truly simple to work with since it functions well with different hues. In fact, you can pick delicate creams and light brown shades or go for dark, rich chocolate tones for decorating. Also, you can have as little brown or as much as you want based on the mood you want to [...]