Project Details

Another wonderful repeat Sebring customer, having remodeled his basement previously! This is a smaller kitchen, and since the homeowner was not interested in expanding the size, we focused on a refresh of the aesthetic. Aiming to make the space more modern. We removed the soffits and brought wall cabinetry to the ceiling, adding more storage. We replaced the corner base blind cabinet with a revolving super Susan corner cabinet for easy access to pots and pans. Furthermore, we switched up the configuration of the cabinets, adding 3 deeper drawers, and a wastebasket cabinet on the end. We arranged for the microwave to sit above the range, to allow for more counter space. To create a continuous look, and help the space look larger, we extended the hardwood flooring from the living space into the kitchen. Backsplash tile was installed in a stacked pattern for a clean contemporary twist to an often-traditional look. All of this worked to create a clean and efficient energy.

Brand: Wellborn Cabinet
Series: Select
Door Style: Hancock
Finish: Paint – Glacier

Material: Quartz
Brand: Orion
Color: Carrara
Finish: Polished

Kitchen Faucet
Brand: Moen
Collection: Arbor
Finish: Spot Resist Stainless

Material: Ceramic
Brand: Wow
Collection: Subway Lab
Shape: Liso XL
Color: Pearl
Finish: Gloss
Size: 3 x 12″