Chris & Sara’s Glen Ellyn Basement Remodel

Chris & Sara recently built their house with the intention to utilize their basement as extra living space.  They made sure to have taller ceilings, so when they finished their basement it would feel as open as the rest of their house.

Open to the Upstairs

The ability to have an open stairwell helps connect the basement to the 1st floor.

No Need for that Gym Membership

Adding a space to workout in your home not only saves money on your gym membership but the convenience of having that space in your house will motivate you to stay fit.

The Kids Space Near the TV

When designing your basement, make sure to locate the TV area near the kids play area.  Kids want to be in the same room as their parents.  This will help prevent your kids from bringing all their toys into the TV area.

Glen Ellyn Basement Finishing